Ps4 Server 3205 Clan Exploiting


The Clan Spooky is using an exploit we’re they are killing our Thrall outside of the Raid time in a building blocked zone. My thrall has been killed at 1:58 AM by them at the obelisk at brimstone. They spam the placing of spikes and use a glitch that even if the spikes can’t be placed they will still damage a player or thrall.
I have a picture of Event log and A 30 minute clip of a fight at the obelisk leading up to the point were I see my thrall dying while he’s simply standing there but am unable to upload it do to me being a new user.

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For now, put your thralls in enclosed buildings, preferably with double walls.

I know I’m just a little angry that I lost perfect thrall with Executioner cap God breaker gauntlet redeemed Legion breastplate and crom sword like that. I want to know if they can get banned for bug abusing and if this counts as such.


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