PS4 Server 4517 PVA Down?

I can´t connect to server 4517 at PS4… When will back online?

For Server Issues please use this Form. (Source)

Same problem here. Report sent hours ago and nothing was done yet. No feedback and no solution.

The problem continues, I can’t connect to the server…

I tried to connect tonight but could not access.

Three days already without running, no explanation. This sucks

Starting to believe that I should had listened other players: “Don’t spend time with this game. It doesn’t worth it. One day it will deeply disapoint you and you will regreat all spent time”. By now on I think they are not wrong


First ,

They take your Money and your Time .

Then ,

They took your Patience and your Sanity .

Finally ,

They left you with no response and despair .

What will you do Customers ?

When there is nothing left but to rage and cry ?

Now you have to chose , Funcom , what will you become when we gonna leave ?

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Os servidores 4518 e 4522 também estão inacessíveis. Servers 4518 and 4522 are also inaccessible.

kkkkkkkk, Great! Trágic, but funny kkkkk

4 days off… several reports and no response, anyone?

Nothing yet. Can’t believe how a company can treat their customers like that. Really disappointed and regret for all time spent with this game till now

Server is online again…