[PS4 - Server restarting multiple times] The official server # 3980 PvE restarted yesterday several times?

Hi. I was present on this server yesterday for several hours of the day and for at least 5 times I got the message that “I lost the connection with the server” and left the game in unpredictable moments of the day… without warning. I even checked my connection and noticed that everything was normal - at least most of the time. If this problem is real, it creates frustration and insecurity for the player, as the character may be wandering through hostile areas and more: even when the server “returns” (a few minutes later), the game “restarts” the actions that you did in a few minutes… and you’ll have to redo it all over again. Please create a system to alert the player at least 20 minutes before the server will be interrupted so that he has time to “prepare” himself.

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