Ps4 server settings

Game mode: [Singleplayer]
Problem: [Bug]
Region: [eu]

Hello all,
First off - sorry if it’s been already stated, but could’nt find a related post.
First off two - I already hate this game as it feasts upon my real time. Well… I love it.

I noticed several issues with the current ps4 gameplay/server settings.

Server settings:
. Combat/durability: multiplier seems not to work, neither at 0,1 or 5.0. For example, working tools just loses the same durability points upon harvesting.
. NPC respawn: same for values going from 0.1 to 10.0. Enemies at a nearby bonfire respawn in a very short period of time.
. Harvest: this is really strange. After downloading the game, I noticed a fourth setting as for the radius around one’s home/base (don’t know the exact english terms…) set to 1.0 as standard. Now, even when I delete either settings and gameplay saves, i.e. the game loads the settings anew, this very one is completely gone. Only remain food decay time und both multipliers for amount and respawn time of ressource nodes.

Gameplay settings:
. Start menu: when there is no saved game eg before a complete fresh start, if you enter the game settings, the dedicated ‘triangle’-button for restauring defaults does nothing. Ingame however, both restaure defaults gameplay and server settings are functioning. Here, gameplay settings are also restaured by ‘square’.
. Controller settings: the aim mode right stick sensitivity, albeit on 0.2500 standard (which is fine) sets itself to 10.0000 at every game launch.
. Music: when turned completely off, to 0, it’s always set back to 1. Well this one is no case sensitive at all, I admit! But I thought funny enough to get mentionned.

Settings in general:
please allow a more precise adjustements in the decimals. On ps4 you can only set values by 0.1 - 0.5 - 1.0 - 1.5 etc. And often only if you start with the slider on the right, from the left you get 0.1 - 0.6 - 1.1 etc
And it would be very appreciated if some settings had explanations. It is often not very clear when a setting X is disminished or augmented when the number is beneath 1.0 or beyond, at least for me I guess.

Thanks for reading and keep on the good work, cheers.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. solo play
  2. editing settings
  3. goto admin and gameplay settings
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You are right some settings are counter intuitive.

Hello @zarathastra, welcome to the community!

Thank you for your thorough feedback, our team is aware that there are a few issues regarding some server settings not saving properly or not working as expected, so we’ll add your data and forward your concerns.

Regarding Combat / Durability, does not affect the durability decreased through harvesting, only combat, with both weapons and tools. We’ll poke the developers to see if it’s intentional or not.

Hello there and thanks!
Durability: yes, one should sometimes also read the main category… So it affects only usage of tools and weapons in combat. Arf! And yes: changes to this setting are working as intended! Side note: on this one, you can even disable any decay of weapons to 0.0.
On PS4 most values can only be reduced to 0.1 as far as I have noticed so far (the ally damage for example). Perhaps intended and also on the PC version?

NPC respawn: another bad from my side, I hope and suppose! Have set it to 5.0 for another testing and - surprise - enemies took way longer to reappear. I find this one in particular very important for solo play. Especially for big camps like the big marauder camp (darfari in the west at the end of the river) it’s really a pain to get through with the standard setting at 1.0: you haven’t even cleared the first third as new NPCs already spawn in your back. I will test if I can manage now.

As for glitches (like stored documents/papers disappearing from the game while putting boxes, at least for the wooden one, back to the inventory) I will search the forum or maybe open another topic).

Cheers, z.

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