Ps4 Single mode, update, problem

Why is there no change in weather in single mode?

Snow and rain do not come except sand storms.

When will you be able to take action?

And why does not the flight mode on the ps4 be short?
Update to enable flight mode on ps4

Flight mode is disabled because during testing it would crash on the PS4 from what I’ve read. And are you moving biomes or staying in the desert? Desert only has sandstorms, fertile highlands it rains and mountain it snows, are you not getting them anywhere?

I being waiting for fly mode too for single player for ps4 even since bought the game , the another problem i wanna pointed out is at the admin panel the gear and building item are not compile correctly (for example gear item appear at the building tab) kinda ignoring if keep scrolling down. Bout the weather system…it kinda cool having it but hear it will lag the game so they might remove it temporary…hope the dev will enable a toggle mode and lastly is the buggy Pudge which i dint see it appear till now despite all the setting i try.

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Fly mode works online on PS4, I have a friend of mine who rented a server and it works for him; game doesn’t crash at all.


It doesn’t work in SP offline for me.

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I haven’t seen any rain or snow either, just sandstorms and yes i am in the right biome. Also fly mode isn’t working for me.