(PS4) The Commonwealth - PVE-C Boosted, Purge DISABLED Server / Builder and RP Focus - 18+

The Commonwealth is a new PS4 PvE-C server that was designed for adults who love living in the world of Conan, who love building, adventuring, and discovering–and want their creations to remain. Because let’s face it-the Purge is still broken. The cycle of heavily grind with a large clan in order to make Tier 3 structures just to fight against other humans (PvP) or the Purge (PvE) may work well for some. But what about those of us who enjoy building in this world? What about those who want to make inns, arenas, mazes–who think of the tiers more for their aesthetic value than pure hit-points–who want to seek out and take on the bosses and the dungeons–who want to visit other cities in a social experience–what are we to do? With this in mind, we created a server without the Purge entirely that still has a sense of danger in the PvE-Conflict format.

If this interests you…if you would like to help us build a vibrant, social world, then please head on over to our Discord Channel for the password. We hope to see you soon!

Server Rules
Welcome to the Commonwealth! Even though this is a PVE-C server, there are still a few rules that are necessary in order to ensure that all are treated fairly and that everyone can enjoy their time on the server. Please make sure that you are familiar with these rules–and reach out to an admin if you have any questions or concerns. Not abiding by these rules will usually result in a warning, though admins reserve the right to instantly ban based upon the severity of the offense.
1.) No harassment or discrimination. This is an adult (18+) server composed of a diverse group of people. Bigotry and intolerance are not allowed on this server.
2.) No griefing or exploits. If it would get you banned on the public servers, it will get you banned here. Additionally, we are all here to play and enjoy the game. Though the PVE-C aspect means that death could happen at any time (this is a harsh world, after all), know that there is a firm stance taken against intentional and repeated griefing. If you encounter or are subject to any form of griefing, please let an admin know.
3.) Be careful where you build. Areas marked in red (found in the maps channel) on the official map are strictly off bounds for building. The intention is that anything that ought to be available to all (major thrall camps, special resources, etc.) should not be walled off or built over. Protected thrall wheel buildings are allowed near major camps, but be mindful that they do not block, prevent spawns, or severely “lag” the area.
That’s it! Three simple rules. The “Golden Rule” applies in each of these. If it is not something that you would want done to you (“I wish they hadn’t built on top of this major silver deposit”), then don’t do it. This is a large map with ample room to build to your hearts content.

Joined when it opened a couple days ago. Admin’s have been helpful and responsive. I haven’t been all over the map but have noticed these admins have NOT gone through and claimed all the “best” spots, so still premium real estate available.

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Thanks man! Great to have you on the server. :slight_smile:


The server continues to grow! Public map rooms have been added to all of the Obelisks, an arena is up, and server-wide events will start soon. We look forward to more people joining us!

Hey your server sounds amazing but your discord link does not work anymore, if possible could you send a new link?