[PS4] Thralls with shaved head + pony tail

Has anyone ever seen any thrall with that hairstyle (last one in character creation), wheyher regularly spawned or through admin? If so, what race are they?
I’ve spent hours spawning thralls in admin mode but never came across any with that style.

In the character creation menu hairstyle come after you choosed the race. change the race to see if that hairstyle could be used for all characters or not (honestly I never tryed).

The races allowing you to use that hairstyle should also spawn random npcs using it, not a simple search but at least this way you’ll be able to narrow the search field.

The race has nothing to do with the hairstyles available in the character creation menu, at least not on ps4. you can choose any race and always have the same hairstyle options.

So therefore that does not answer my question, not to mention that, as mentioned in my original post, I have spawned hundreds if not thousands of thralls of all available races and factions, but have never encountered one with said hairstyle, hence why I asked if anyone else has ever seen one with it.

The race IS important because not all NPCs, based on their race, could spawn using ALL options for appearence a character could use (for example: have you ever seen a darfari woman with long blond hair ?)

If the haircut you’re talking about was a default for (example) darfari obviously you’ll have more chance to find her in a darfari village and not in the north.

But the haircut you’re talking about is the default of Himelian race for female characters, no idea if it’s an haircut can be even used by other races, and I not remember having ever seen an himelian npc in the game.

Amzadi the Wanderer is a female thrall with something like the hairstyle you mention.

She is a T4 Bearer. In Admin, look for Sherpa. I’m not sure what race she is.

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