PS4 Update (02.08.2018): The Jewel of the West Pack is now available

when are we able to grind crimson lotus flower its been over a month

Buy DLC? Why?? We on console can not even play properly without it jerky or a CE error occurs. There are 3-20 CE errors a day as soon as the base is larger than 50 foundations. F… k the DLC and get something important out.


Looking forward to picking up the DLC when I get home from work… too bad that’s like 9 hours away :wink:

Jens Erik, can we get a straight answer, whats the ETA for the next patch focused on console bug fixes. I appreciate as Community Manager you probably got the hardest job in the industry at the moment but if you keep loosing players at this rate their wont be much of a community left to manage.

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Why buy the pvp server i am in he dont find the game i am in and in single player 4 of 5 hits are a miss cant play tru lag sometimes and its only getting worse with each update Focus on the the problems and finish the game before getting the expansion sold

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They have already reported the parity patch is targeted for next week. See Patch Schedule for the next two weeks [31.07.2018]

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hey, I want dlc key. I have dlc.
youtube: smskcntr

I’d love to buy the dlc! Oh wait my server is down, again… 4th time in two weeks and that’s only the times I’ve noticed. #3515. Lol buy the dlc today! Play it in 32 hours when we fix the server, but log in quickly, we can’t guarantee how long you can play!!! Awesome sales pitch.


Heeey guys! We’re presenting to you the new colours for your car, there are plenty of 'em:
diamond blue
pitch black
satin black
crimson glittering red
and apocalyptic green!

“but my car still not working, the motor keeps engulfing and…”

Heeeyy we also added a nice bubblehead in the front of the car!
but next time we’ll fix the motor don’t worry!

How many times did I hear “next time”?
And everytime it was worse than before?
But the new colours, uuuhh the new colours!


Play important updates on it, which make the game better again. 1.3 GB for nothing, after the update I have more mistakes, fighting a NPC, he killed me by the freeze frame. And the ps4 takes off soon, it’s just going crazy. The CE mistakes break the game.


True, but it wont mess up the rest of the game any more. Tge bugs are isulated to the new content. While when they introduce new mechanics it csn effect how the game in general behave. at least thats my understanding.

so we going to wait another month for pets and new dungeons? thought u guys said last month we be getting pets and new dungeon? now u saying 16th is going to test servers lol so witch means be another month or 2 before we see another dlc?

I hadn’t played in quite a while, and booted up the game after this update. Within SECONDS the game bluescreened with my old friend error CE-34878-0. This surprised me because said errors had stopped occurring for me after the last update (although I still lost dozens of hours of progress due to them before that). For those not in the know a large portion of users report constant crashing and deletion of saves/bases/items as a result. Pfffftbahahahahaa my God what an absolute train wreck


This code brings old memories for me. While still playing CE on PS4, the game froze in random moments with the presence or not of that exact error, Minshasa. In most cases of my deaths, the game itself was my biggest killer. Treacherous and unfair.

It’s interesting to know that certain things have not changed.


I havnt booted the game up again yet. I think I’ll wait for the parity patch thanks for the heads up


Been away from forums for about a week, and there is not one, ONE! single forum post in the PS4 section that has any kind of positivity in its title. I haven’t played the game in the last month anyway (it’s already been uninstalled last month) but I still read the ‘news’ in here (there are no news, it’s just a case of SSDD), probably just to convince myself that a team of developers aren’t this inept.

Fat chance, that.


been 4 days since purge have full bars is purge broken again?

pvp server its been 2 months since I seen arch priest any where on map I talk to 20 people on my server and they haven’t seen 1 is there something wrong going on with this also people on my server saying there something wrong with gods there not damaging building

ps4 pro pvp servers npc splitting into 4 npc sometimes 2 npc also skeletons in black keep by obelisk splitting into 4 skeletons

The game is good, but is there any timeline for when the lag will be fixed on PS4? It makes combat unplayable for the most part and even happens on dedicated servers.