PS4 Update (02.08.2018): The Jewel of the West Pack is now available

This code brings old memories for me. While still playing CE on PS4, the game froze in random moments with the presence or not of that exact error, Minshasa. In most cases of my deaths, the game itself was my biggest killer. Treacherous and unfair.

It’s interesting to know that certain things have not changed.


I havnt booted the game up again yet. I think I’ll wait for the parity patch thanks for the heads up


Been away from forums for about a week, and there is not one, ONE! single forum post in the PS4 section that has any kind of positivity in its title. I haven’t played the game in the last month anyway (it’s already been uninstalled last month) but I still read the ‘news’ in here (there are no news, it’s just a case of SSDD), probably just to convince myself that a team of developers aren’t this inept.

Fat chance, that.


been 4 days since purge have full bars is purge broken again?

pvp server its been 2 months since I seen arch priest any where on map I talk to 20 people on my server and they haven’t seen 1 is there something wrong going on with this also people on my server saying there something wrong with gods there not damaging building

ps4 pro pvp servers npc splitting into 4 npc sometimes 2 npc also skeletons in black keep by obelisk splitting into 4 skeletons

The game is good, but is there any timeline for when the lag will be fixed on PS4? It makes combat unplayable for the most part and even happens on dedicated servers.

since i use new roof to replace [Black Ice-Reinforced Wooden roof] for our clan, now i can’t see anything but it is exist, i will fall down into the lower floor when i walk into the empty area then spawn in the original place later.
the worst is when i try to destroy them and some black-ice wall around the area, it’s fail and i can’t fix the wall anymore, my clan is danger now because here is pvp server, can i get compensation if i was raided by enemy???

so I guess no patch today :cry:

Odd to me that new DLC that keeps coming out but most of the bugs are not fixed and the constant freezing and being kicked out of dedicated servers is a major issue. It seems to me this will get worse adding more and more DLC especially with the official servers constantly freezing.

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game is unplayable more bugs then ever 1 npc splitting into 4 thralls just stand there and most of the them invisible and cant be killed after 30 secs to a min building structure not snap into place items missing miss communication no support very surprised no one has called better business bureau just don’t understand why they even put out a paid DLC instead of patch lol think they would of had more change of people buying DLC if they fixed the game they lost a lot of people

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Hi, after last update server 3098 on ps4 has much more problems than before: freeze, lag, purge doesn’t working….
please fix the problems!


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Bugs, bugs, bugs and glitches…

  1. Every time i log on my charecter spawn with half health bar as she was dead before loading and it happens even inside my base;
  2. Also about my base, every time i log on it spawn with alot of glitching walls and floor: she flyes around the floor as it was somehow unreachable and she cross the walls as it have no physics then she’s dragged back to her previous position;
  3. It seems that some placeables have issues to load out when the game load because i always hear breaking stone noises as if i had demolished anything;
  4. Some of my trhalls spawn naked when i log in the game and their clothes load only after i went far from my place;
  5. Gravity seems to have no role in this game for trhalls because they keep dancing in the air when a base is destroyed for any reason;
  6. Sometimes when i grab an item from a storage box (any storage) it just goes God knows where and i can never find it again: it just vanish;
  7. I kill a npc and then i go kill the next one and poof! The previous one i’ve killed just vanish and its body will never be found again!;
  8. And now comes the best one: from time to time the game crash (mostly when i go near enemy camps or large bases) and i have to close it and start again and, surprise! my character spawn in the desert with a half health bar (frozen: it does not refill untill i die again), with nothing in my inventory and nothing equiped either and so, i have to run naked and unarmed all way back to the poace i was before crashing to find NOTHING because i wasn’t dead so no body will be waiting for loot and this way i have lost all my stuff dozens of times;
    Finally, is there much more of that kind of bugs to be reported and fixed (i doubt) since enemy teleporting to random places around you, missing stuff and placeables to stupid deaths for failing trough the floor (yes, i had that one). I will stop in here though or i will have a book wrote in the end.
    Gods have mercy on us…

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