PS4 Update 2.3, April Fools

Game mode: [Consoles are in Pain.]
Problem: [We dont have Information.]
Region: [Exiled Lands.]

Im Gona be very honest with you guys… At this point im considering the ‘‘Update will arrive by the end of the month’’ was just an april fools joke.
We provably getting it by the end of April (Maybe December?).
And again like we have been begging, Funcom is being very helpfull and explaining to us why we are still waiting on a date, and keeping a very active and clear line of information with the player base. Again, just like we asked.

Jokes asside, im pretty sure you guys are doing your best to give us the update as fast as you can, or at least you should be, but we begged for more information and updates on what is happening. And you guys failed in that again.

Praying for Funcom is like praying to Crom. They dont answer our prayers. Please dont be like Crom.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Cry
  2. Cry Again
  3. Cry Even Harder
  4. Go Shitpost on the Forum

in fact they said they “intended to release by the end of the month” … they weren’t sure, so that’s it, there is no update until the end of March. we can only cry


They also said that the patch was in certification with Microsoft and Sony and would be released once both have been approved. They can’t really give timelines or updates because it’s literally in the hands of two other companies and has been for weeks.

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Destiny 2, Red dead & GTA5, TeSo (the elder scroll online), overwatch, call of duty me puedo traer aqui todo el store de Xbox, Play y PC. Y que tiene de especial Conan Exile para no poder actualizarse como cualquier otro¿?.
No creo que este en manos ni de Sony ni de MS. El juego es de Funcom y ellos tienen todos los derechos para hacer y deshacer.

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You have a point. But most of those games are not trying to push a year’s worth of patches through at once. At the care it’s funcom’s fault for not updating consoles sooner.
But the immediate issue is that they are trying to push a years worth of content through Sony and Microsoft and this includes the fact that they have reoptimized nearly everything in the game which means Sony and Microsoft have to review basically the entire code as if it were a new game.


Hello everyone,

We’ve posted more details about the upcoming console patch here

As always, thank you for your continued support.


Thank you for informing us :slight_smile:

I know right !
like this is definitely starting to look like a really ■■■■■■ April fools joke to say the least lol hopefully we wake up tomorrow morning to some good news.


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