PS4 Update 2.5.1 Discussion Megathread

Gportal fix is happening now


None of the updates I was hoping for. But I know the Voidforged Bow has been a thing for some people, so it’s something.
Also, at least it isn’t the behemoth that previous patches have been.

Will this be getting fixed. A response would be nice

Confirmed the bug fix of Japan Ver.
Thank you very much.

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I found a vault where you can still do quick loot. :joy::v:t4:

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Well there is still a big issue theres no spawning npc list !!! -_-


when is the official server transfers going live?

This last patch seems to have decreased the performance of the game, at least on my end.

It was fine after the last big one, but now I am back with loads of stutter, lag, and the sound is always late. I am often fighting in utter silence and then the sound piles on at the end of everything.

Everything takes so much time to render, it takes 10 seconds to go into my work stations, inventory and thrall inventory. It was fine before. :frowning:

Single player, PS4 Slim. This happens in my base, and out and far from it.


I’ve also noticed a bit of an increase in rendering times on my PS4 Pro.
Both offline and online, with a return of the roar noise for not yet rendered in human enemies attacking me.


Way to go funcom. You can manage to get a quick patch out because people could loot legendary chests but take months to fix the game so people can actually play it. All about priorities!


Well of course not!

Sucks to pay for a server and can’t spawn in NPC to help your players! Nor can you find a named edge smith ANYWHERE on the map!

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Since the new update here are the issues:
• resource nodes aren’t working properly in some instances. You hit them once and they disappear, or you hit them once and can’t hit them anymore.

• orb of nergal is broken. Can only randomize character, and cannot exit. Game has to be restarted to exit, which reverts appearance to what it was before accessing the Orb.

• admin panel can no longer spawn humanoids.

• tower only give voidforge, cages, silent legion, fast elevators, colored candles, parchments, vagabond, heavy- weight truncheon, with voidforge dropping roughly 85% of the time.

• legendary chests no longer require keys. Can be looted by simply pressing triangle.

• still no black ice forge in siptah.

I’m sure I’m missing a couple things. Some potions drop during summoning pools that aren’t supposed to be in game anymore. I forget the name but it grants random buffs or status effects (negative or positive).


Given that there a voidforged for every weapon type within the tower exchange pool it pretty much given it show up a lot more and tower pool only consists those few thing you mention and voidforge item.

Sure you need a key, just one is needed to open all chest with the current patch if you know how. This is most likely a stopgap measure until a true fix.

The disappearing resource node is an annoyance but I don’t encounter it that much on a regular basis.

Current ongoing issue beside the one you have listed out, from my gameplay that some missing game asset in new kemi dock that won’t load in no matter how one wait. This issue is already be reported by other.


I am sorry please take no offense I have a question. You said still no black ice forge in Siptah… We suppose to have one and they didn’t deliver? This is the first time I get info about it, this is the reason I ask. @BrutusWhitefang, am I wrong, did you ever hear or read anything about it?

Neither do I remember reading anything about black ice forge coming to siptah but recently another player on the siptah server I am playing at gotten a frost smithing recipe or I might heard it wrongly instead.

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Yea and I got a recipe for tottem :man_shrugging:. That doesn’t mean anything that I will have similar things of exile lands just the recipes of it. After all to be able to fix obsidian bars your need to go to the tablet on exile lands, in Siptah all you need is to go to the forge with the materials . So taking a recipe like this means almost nothing, it is handy only for transfer character from Siptah to EL. Unless @Nephilim757 knows something we don’t :thinking:.

Or you simply collect that from the Gray Giants.
You just have to collect the weapons and armor and put them in the dismantling workbench.
Then you also get obsidian bars.

Weapon = 5 bars Armor = 2 Bars


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Of course, dismantling bench is one of my basic but… I don’t really appreciate the amount dismantling bench is giving you back. I think that the dismantling bench should give you back materials equal with the state of durability the item has. For the present I keep all the looted Grey weapons and armor pieces in a chest or 2. Either way they are very strong weapons and I don’t need to fix others when I have a purge, all my fighters can use them to protect my base :wink:. I personally don’t use Grey weapons, they consume great stamina so I prefer the feroxic ones, I love to have stamina when I fight.


I only use the Great Sword of the Gray Giants for my thralls.
I dismantle everything else in the dismantling workbench.
I use the flood shrines to get thralls.
1050 essences in and then it starts with the mighty Thralls.

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