PS4 Update 2.5.1 Discussion Megathread

Just wanted to report a few more bugs we’ve noticed that have probably not been mentioned:

The slithering beach in the swamp on exiles no longer has any slithering snakes! Been there plenty of times hoping they’d appear for us to mine some demon blood, but no luck.

Also the city with Conan in (I forget its name now) seems to spawn thralls very erratically.

We’re playing on a ps5 and ps4pro multiplayer.

Thank you.


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Thank you.

Nothing like bugs hindering gaming with your son to get one to sign up to a forum. I think my first in two decades. Ha.




Don’t worry, after about a week or two you get used to the bugs😝


Do anyone have this problem? After dodging a attack you get lock in place and can only use the dodge button to move around. It last until something hit the character.


I am on Ps4 and seem to get locked on NPC and thralls unintentionally even clan mate.

Do not waste time on snakes for demon blood. Snakes that give a ton of demon blood are only the 3head bosses if you harvest them with axe. To gain a good amount of demon blood and easy farm the 3head spiders. They fall down very easy, even with the new update that their reaction is faster (finally), but their set of movements is very simple. If you harvest with pick you will gain over a hundred demon blood, about a stack of ichor, chitin and feral flesh. If you harvest with sickle you will get more demon blood, gossamer, some ichor, some feral flesh and maybe chitin. The best part is the xp gain for and your thrall and the skeleton key ofcurce. In the jungle south east there are 2 spider bosses and one behind the summoning place after the darfari camp(3 easy places, there are more spider bosses) . I get a lot demon blood farming the bat caves for black blood tools but this place wants you to be prepared, epic gear and strong followers. Sometimes they agro to many and you can find easy death in there. But a 2 hour farming can give you at least 1k demon blood. Still if you are strong enough to kill 3head snakes you get very fast demon blood with axe as well. In Siptah however the demon blood summoning beasts in the grey pools is pop corn, you just throw it down, you can fill a chest in one hour :man_shrugging:.


This has happened to me only once so far.
But not since then.

I had switch ps4 controllers, One of my older ones does this for few games when moving right stick. It’ll trigger R3 from time to time,

Thou exiting 1st person/3rd person does this to. (which has been there forever I think)

Figure give this patch good play thru… And…

So far, plays better… in looks Better Sorta… I find as combat starts, it goes back to 10-15fps to 30’s…
Or that Inside my house, everything is constantly low rez textures, I can look right, then left back at what I was just looking at… and its all just blurred objects that reload.
Spend to much time in my home, the ps4 fans kick into overdrive.

Also noticed several NPC camps are now empty of NPC’s. Few Spots have a massive bunch of objects below ground. (grass, branches, stones etc) floating 20-40m below surface.

Few spots, LOD stuff stays loaded in, (you can walk into “non-existent” water in starter desert. (visual bug I guess)

Also abunch of npc Campires missing, (but smoke is there)

Havn’t been able to try Spitah yet… can’t find decent website to buy GBP(Britsh pounds) PSN cards anymore, =/
So can’t speak on any of that.

Purge Setting are abit wonky… or maybe just not same, thou display name is same.
Can no longer set Purge update to 0, (only 1min) So no instant purges. And at 5mins 2000mark use to fill in 5mins, Now takes 6-8 hours. At 1min update, takes about 6 hours to fill.

Thralls Crafting Multi (for Breaking on Wheel) Can only be set from 0 to 0.5 or 1.0(and up) So no way to set it to decent SP setting from Super Slow, to Cheating… lol.

The game pausing when firing arrow seems to be gone.

Chest and Stuff, Don’t display items inside, (games to busy trying reload textures it somehow forgot were loaded behind me)

Legendary Chest can be open with key pre-lv60 (pretty sure thats known) Thou, Killing them at lv40-50 is pretty normal for me… and getting items works for me. XD
And chest displays item… so can save a key itlest)

Archers still back up in a fight… like they just keep backing up till out of argo range then reset. they really need to go back to seeking player out.

Still not fan of fish changes… feels like theres little point in setting them up till you need a mass of oil since there pointless for ichor.
And get insects…just got boring. I’m throwing plant fiber on ground in mass…

Several of Work benches, can’t be placed up to wall no more. (basic furnace now needs small gap behind it… Boooo)

Getting off Horse cause player to… play a odd animation. You can often equip a weapon/Tool bypass it.
Like you teleport in spot of sorts.

Dodging can cause you to… will be stuck. Seems to be rolling into objects or npc/enemy. And game doesnt know what to do with you.

^ Much like above, Rhino/Stone Demons (name slips my mind) getting stuck inside them, causes you and Enemy units to be unable hit each other. Had 3 of them stuck on me, and we couldn’t harm each other…
The game solves issue be resetting all enemies stuck, But not ones who are trying hit you.
So when your finally free to swing or be hit, or often in middle of an Attack… (died several times to this)
(had it happen on one of greater rhinos, (he was free, but his 2 teammates reset, and he was mid charge) -_-’

Spawning Commands (admin panel) is blank(which is reported already)

Thralls and NPC move, (reported) But also sliding enemies. aka shellback in rest postion sliding across beach for 50 meters. before teleporting back to its laying spot. XD
NPC in distance will walk in unison in a direction. (often playing a emote) then turn around and walk back to there spawn spot.

Old issue still around.
Changing gear(to many items) to fast crashes game.

Music likes to turn off, It’ll play one track and then…nothing for 20-30mins. Then repeat that same track. Going to another area, or starting combat fixes it.


Can we get Bows to sling over Shoulder/Body? they all clip/float anyway. So having string clip thru me, wouldnt bother me in slighest.

They all teleport to spot to anyway. Most of them look good, but Bows… UGH. To much Skyrim… to much Skyrim.

Believe it is a controller now that you mentioned it I cycle through 3 of them will make a effort to find out witch ones acting up. On Siptah in our house some items are fuzzy and then clear up the worst is preservation boxes.

Hoy una actualización para quitar lo de los cofres y las llaves pero no para arreglar lo del panel con los pnj jajaja jajaja jajaja jajaja jajaja jajaja jajaja jajaja jajaja jajaja jajaja jajaja jajaja jajaja jajaja jajaja jajaja jajaja jajaja jajaja jajaja jajaja jajaja jajaja

Another hotfix for the legendary chest situation.

If only the endless loading screens, rubber banding or rendering issues were such easy and alacritous fixes…


We report, funcom fixes! Thats just the Way it goes.

…But only in case of legendary Chests!
The like 250 other bugs still exist ROFL😂

Well my Ps4 server has been down since the patch and Gportal doesn’t seem to be able to get it back up. Game fixed :ok_hand:.

Eso viene en 2.6, Aunque ni idea del porqué

I can’t use potions or bandages on Thralls anymore in PS4 Pro, it has been removed from the game or is it an isolated problem?

I still able to use the wrap on the thrall on my side.

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key fix is abit funny.

I spent few hours with my 12 keys trying find few of ones I wanted…

Happen catch message in top corner that CE has updated. checks patch notes


Spend another hour checking chests… put my 12 keys back in house and updated game. XD
Couldn’t get single one of weapons I wanted. Way to many of same 6 weapons and Solspell over and over.