PS4 Update at 12:00 CEST

i tried both. also a fresh install / rebuilt database / reset and hard wired cat6 to ps4 pro / 1gb fiber network… don’t understand it ? all other games work. Day one it showed servers (all full tho) now… nothing and breaks.

Just got home from work. Crash and burn psn / net still and zero servers show b4 crash. guess no conan for me this weekend since it’s been like this since the 9th…mumble grumble …should have bought god of war…mumble…curse…:rage:

Still not working after patch… Eternal Loading screen in all SA PS4 servers

5pm Central: Did anything change for anyone else? If not I found a work around for me and hope it helps those having the problem. First some info, I have a technicolor router and from a system in my home network I can access the router at the following address. the default user id I had to use was ‘user’ without the quotes and the password is blank, as in there was no password at the time I did this. This may be different for you, requiring either a factory reset of the modem or calling your ISP.

I then turned off both my ipv4 firewall and ipv6 firewall under the firewall settings accessable by clicking the firewall word in blue at the top. Then I saved the changes using the save button, waited about 30 seconds, restarted my ps4 (might not be needed) and reloaded conan exiles. All servers showing at like 90 ping as it should have always been. No more crashing my home network when I try to type anything into the search field ect.

Now this fix is bullcrap so I wanted to prove I could replicate it and demand some answers / compensation. However when I enabled my firewalls again, saved the changes, waited 30 seconds, came to this forum to type this edit up, and tested it again, I still have 90pings! So I guess I’ll give the engineers a bye this time. Config setting changes that don’t replicate after being fixed are insanely hard to resolve at the back end for all the clients having the problem. I’m still mad that no one tried to communicate with me directly to work on fixing this, but…meh.

just tried what you suggested Styn but no luck for me :frowning: …Thanks for trying tho.

BUMP til’ we get answers to this broken pos