[PS4] Uprising Rivals PvE-C - Fresh Server JOIN US!

Uprising Rivals PVE-C Server

Fresh Server -> Server Started 27/08/2019 !!
Platform: PS4
How to find it: Search for “Rivals” under PVE-C

Server Overview: Retails Rates, you can kill and get killed at any time,
everyone can loot dead corpses, NO ONE WILL DESTROY YOUR BASE!
Players are mostly arround lvl 10-30, top lvl player lvl 40

Complete server information and Community: reddit.com/r/ConanRivalsServer
Join US!


  • EXP = x1
  • Combat = x2
  • Building = x1
  • Gathering = x1

Server Configuration:

  • Max Clan Size: 8
  • Build Damage: Disabled, No one will destroy your base or steal your stuff
  • PVP Times: Active all times, You can kill or get killed by players at all times
  • Current Slot Count: 20 - Can be changed if server population grows
  • Drop Equipment on death: Enabled - If you die, you drop your things. If you go back to your corpse it will be there
  • Anyone can loot corpse: Enabled - If you kill, or someone kill you, anyone can loot the corpse
  • Server Restarts: Enabled (08:00 CEST) - Restarts everyday to avoid lag on server
  • Purge: Enabled - From time to time, a horde of NPC’s will attack your base. Default Purge time rate

Permanent Event:

Reefer a Friend: Whenever you invite a friend to the server you got rewards!

  • Rules:
    Friend should be active for at least 2 days in the server

  • Rewards:
    1 Friend: Gathering Tools 2 levels above your current type + 100 Building pieces of your choice (according to your level)
    2-4 Friends: To Be Defined - depending on your level , clan size (you can sort of suggest what you want)
    5 Friends: Whatever you want! EX: Rare LVL4 Thrall that only appear on the Purge, Rare PETS etc…

Server/Community balance is considered on your reward (Ex: you cannot request 10.000 T4 building pieces being that majority of the server still on T1)
Gather evidence of active friends to help contest when you should earn rewards.
If you share the server on facebook groups, reddit, forums etc… those referalls still count on the event.

Server Rules:
We will build server rules according to community suggestions!
Please share your opinion!

  • No blocking main passages with building
  • Don’t build to close to thrall camps, so they can spawn normally
  • No foundation spam to reserve ground
  • Any breaking of this rules, please report here or to the Admin

Admin power use:

  • Only use to give event rewards, create common areas and restore itens lost by players due to bugs!
  • If you think someone is abusing, make a public report and we will share server logs of the incident and remove the admin rights
  • Current admin count: 1 (no open spots)

When we first reach 10 simultaneously players online a Double EXP for 2 days Event will start!! Please share with your friends