{PS4} {US EAST BASED} NEW RP PvP Server - Grandeur - Game of Thrones Inspired Conquest


Within the Grandeur server, we have clans that are overseen by an unbiased DM admin that are warring/scheming/allying with each other in order to ultimately rule the whole land… Just like your favorite GRRM series we all know and love!

We will constantly be giving incentives for conquering, building, adventure, and questing, the top of the list being the Ruler of Grandeur. Limited world events are also a thing (for example, during Bountiful Harvest, Gathering rates and replenish rates would be boosted).

Come join our Discord server to learn more!

Discord: https://discord.gg/epeM9D

A new entity has appeared. The Goddess Elara has descended upon our land with promises of riches and power to vanquish foes. Creating fortresses and dungeons for the clans to fight over, capture, and experience, She has brought a new presence to the server.

As our server is just three days old, there is still plenty of room for aspiring players to come and build. We’ve started quests and clan specific missions that result in various different rewards as well. Come try us out!

I wish to join but your discord link is broken may I ask your PSN

Apologies! https://discord.gg/epeM9D is the new link.