[PS4 - US East] I was hit by a car, Conan is my only outlet, I need friends

I’m stuck in bed for the next several months and can’t do much except play games and watch movies.

Conan the Barbarian would’ve been terrible as a solo Arnold film without Subotai and Valeria.

Companions are what make the journey worth undertaking in the first place!

Have you also been playing alone, directionless, with no one to see your triumphs?

Let’s get a small group going and go conquer this game’s dungeons and bosses together.

RomFox88 on PSN.

Sorry to heat that man, hope you get back to normal soon!

I have a server that just got started and would love to have you playing on it.For now I am alone tho .
Join me at : Server IP & Port: Port: 29015

Discord: https://discord.gg/tPeDmZN