[PS4][US East] Shadow Lands (RP PvP Boosted) Server is up!

Greetings Cur…

Behold, a new land is born from darkness. Come, exiled one, build your story, and earn your right to become Alphas of the Shadow Lands. The CounciL awaits your arrival…

Server Settings-

x5 Harvest

x5 XP

x1.5 Minions and NPC damage (taken and given)

x2 Building damage (taken- Harder to raid)

x3 Thrall taming

x3 Thrall and resource respawn rate

Shorter Nights and much more…

Server Rules-

Role Play is priority.( Who doesn’t love a good story? lol).

New Clans/Players are given a “White Flag” period of 7 days where they cannot be raided. However, open world PvP is acceptable. Clans under “White Flag” status must post a sign with their clan creation date on it. Clans under the “White Flag” status are not allowed to raid other clans. If they do, their “White Flag” status will be stripped. Anyone who raids a clan under “white Flag” protection will be foundation wiped, unless they can prove that clan raided first while under white flag protection. This is to give the server some longevity. Allowing clans and new players to become stable with a fair chance to defend themselves against older, more established clans.

Raiding = destroying property (ie: foundations, walls, ceilings, chests, etc etc). Stealing from open boxes or crafting stations is not considered raiding.)

NO Offline Raiding - At least 1 member of the victim clan must be online in order to raid them. (I will advise you to take a screen shot of the player list prior to Raiding.)

Logging off while being raided will not grant you protection to come back online and say someone “offline raided” you.)

NO Raiding Admin clan (Shadow CounciL) - Admins are there just to run the server, schedule events, and enforce server rules. They do not participate in PvP.

Starter Packs-

New players to the server will receive the following, but not limited to:

1 set of star metal tools, and Star Metal weapon choice

1 set of Flawless gear of your choice (No Silent Legion)

1 Sandstorm Mask

1 of each T1 crafting station

1 of each T1 crafting thrall

5 “stacks” of each T1 (sandstone) building piece

10 Large Chests

1 stack of dye (not white)

Fun Things-

Court House:

This server will have a court house, where those who have broken server Rules will stand trial against their accusers. During this trial, the plaintiff will be able to provide his/her proof on the matter (screen shots, videos, logs, etc etc), and the Defendant will be able to plea his/her case. As in real life, open admissions of guilt may result in a plea deal. However, if you’re found guilty while fighting your charges, punishment could be many things. One of which, would be jail.

Jail House:

One of many possible punishments for breaking server rules or losing certain events, will be having to spend a limited time within the Jail House. You may do this time online or offline, but the time will remain the same (it wont be too crazy, promise lol). I urge you to remain online though, as depending on the severity of your crime, its possible admins might log off if you dont log back on in time for your release. This brings me to the next part of jail…

Jail Breaks and Bounties:

The Jail House is 1 of only 2 buildings, built by the admins, that you’re allowed to destroy. Once placed in jail, your clan or your allies, are allowed to raid the jail and try to break you free. However, doing this will cause a bounty to be placed on you and all those involved in breaking you free. Rewards will be given to the player(s)/Clan(s) who take a screenshot of your dead body, and/or your raided base. If nobody claims the bounty within 7 days, the bounty is off, and you’re a free man/woman. As stated before, Admins do NOT take part in PvP. However, attempting a jail break might result in a God showing up (NOT in god mode) to stop the attempted jail break. If the God is killed while defending against a jail break, there will be no bounty, and you’re free to leave.

Admin Dungeons-

The 2nd of the 2 Admin buildings you can destroy or raid, are the Admin Dungeons. These are to be done by request only, and an admin must be there to watch. This is to ensure dungeons are rebuilt and restocked with prizes before you attempt a run. Dungeons are kept empty unless you schedule a run, so people don’t just go raiding it at will. SO just know if you raid it without permission you’ll be getting nothing out of it but a huge loss of resources.

Treasure Hunts:

Riddles lead the way to Gold. Gold is the currency of the server and the Admin Marketplace. Every now and then you might notice a riddle and a large chest sitting at the welcome hut near the shattered bridge on Noob River. Follow these clues and collect small idols until you’ve traveled and completed the hunt. After collecting 1 Idol from each riddle chest, send an Admin a screen shot of how many Idols you have. If you have the right amount (only Admins know how many Riddles there are) you’ll be given the prize.

Admin Marketplace:

Self explanatory. Only things that wont be sold in the Marketplace is Silent Legion gear, and Explosives of any kind. Prices are higher for things that help make explosives. (ie: demon blood/powder, steel fire, etc etc).

Arena Night:

Once a week (day TBD) there will be a tournament style Arena night. where players fight for prizes and their names on the thrones of the 4 winds. At the end of the tournament season, there will be a final “Royal Rumble” where all winners of Arena nights come together for 1 final glorious blood bath! Winner of this will get any 3 wishes he wants from an Admin. (within reason).

Admin Challenges:

Every now and then admins will come to your door step and challenge you to a 1v1 battle. (not in God or Demi God mode). If you accept the challenge and win, you get whatever is on the admins body.


All banned players from the server will be memorialized/humiliated in the graveyard near the jail.

Please add xKarmaKazEx and Frankie1272 on PSN if you’re interested in joining the server.

Also, I am always looking for people who can do the job as admin, incase I ever have to replace a current one. If you’re interested in being put on the waiting list for that, let me know. Also best way to be considered for Admin, is to be a good and active player of the server as well.



FYI- At the moment me and the other Admins are still building the server up, so now is the chance to join, get your starter packs, and get a head start on becoming the server Alphas! This server WILL be loaded with active players soon. So hurry up and claim your sand now before its all gone Cur…


No Conanites on Ps4 anymore?


Hey. Could I get an invite to your server please.


Hey, the server sounds fun. I like the arena idea and the council/jail is clever. I’m currently playing on a pve-c but looking to switch to pvp and always enjoy the rp element. Couple questions: what’s your current population, also is it mostly mature players or younger ones (looking for mature)? Is the purge enabled (wondering about getting certain thralls only available in the purge) and what are the decay timer settings like?

Hey is this server still going?

Yes. Fun ballanced server.

I would not mind joining the server. Does the server possess a Discord channel?

It absolutely does.

Add me on psn and i will drop you a link to it


Hey I’d really like to give your server a shot may I have a link to your discord


Hello! It seemes to be that for some reason your server is not coming up on the server list. It’s been gone the entire day.

I’m currently a PS4 player part of the Excalibros located south of the map and would love to get back into playing your awesome server. Let me know if there are any updates if you can, thanks bro!

Hello everyone. The server is still up and running. Sorry I have not been available to comment here. Hard to keep track of the various places I advertise the server.

There have been some changes to the server details though. add me on PSN and we can go over the changes.