PS4 users have no access to the text chat or console

Game mode: [Online | Singleplayer]
Problem: [Performance]

In light of how the Halloween event has made my single player save unplayable, I decided to try use the console command listed in the patch notes to try lessen the frequency of the meteors so I could actually play the game, rather than have it stutter and stall for about 10 minutes until it freezes, only to discover that PS4 users do not have access to console commands, my USB keyboard wasn’t being detected at all, yet other games can detect it just fine.

So unless there is a fix before this event ends, you have successfully locked out all PS4 (and possibly Xbox One) users for the duration of this event, and to think I was looking forward to this as well.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Get frustrated at game being unplayable during Halloween event
  2. Dust off USB keyboard and connect it to PS4
  3. Try every possible key to no avail
  4. Become even more frustrated

Right after the update my single player game was fine but came back to it and am stuck in the worst lag/frame drop I have ever seen. I was really into the Halloween event myself but go figure that an update for this game would do something like this. Love this game but I cringe a little everytime I see an update. And yeah, I can’t believe “console commands” was even brought up. I find myself questioning the testing phase of this whole operation. Hopefully they correct this.

what I dislike is that they state that you can access console command but neglect to mention how you enable it in the first place.

The problem I have isn’t that they don’t say how to use console commands, it’s that the PS4 version can’t even use console commands, the closest we get is the admin panel, which isn’t the same.

yea, seems weird to say you can type it in with a real keyboard connected when you don\t have a place to type it in.

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