Ps4 version and day one patch

I see on youtube people playing the ps4 version . how because i didnt think the servers went live til tuesday?
Also anyone know how big day one patch is for ps4

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They’re most likely playing the single-player mode. :slight_smile: Rough estimate of the day 1 patch on PS4 is about 14 gigs.

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Ok thanks Jens. Do you know what time the patch will be availible to download?

Hope its earlier then launch as it will take me 6-7 hours to download 14gb

Same weight for the xbox one ?

Depends on if you’re playing the Game Preview version or bought the disc version.

I’m told the day 1 patch will be made available at 9am CEST, 4 hours before launch.


I’ve the game preview

It should be around 10-ish gigs.


Cool, thank you !

Thanks Jens_Erik :smiley: