Ps4 version isnt ready for free to play!

I don’t think you understand the gravity of the situation the game is about to be in nor what type of people free to play brings in. They will eat you alive. Im not trying to troll, this is a ligitimate and serious situation you’re about to be in. These people are compulsive, neurotic, loud, have A.D.D. have blogs, and are never relenting, and the current state of the PS4 version is buggy as heck. After the pick apart the bugs they will set their sites on the nudity, it will be blasted all over fake news articles, and you will be forced to censor the console versions more than they already are. Which I cant stand forced censorship. The same server population posts that were on here will be revived anew and more of them.

The main things that need fixed in the ps4 versiin before it becomes free, is the animation lag. When I see an enemy, its never really in the spot its actually at, the game shows it running away or walking towards me, but in actuallity its invisible right there infront of me already attacking. That will be a main issue that needs fixed before free to play, or you’ll be gutted by those people.

The other is the left over thralls floating in the air, owned by people who no longer play.

I logged on yesterday for the first time in months. What a joke, still stuttering still buggy and this is BEFORE free to play coming up. I can’t believe thralls are still in the air. That was a problem SO LONG ago. It is really a let down for a game that had a lot of potential. This is one of the most fun I had on a game but as it got patched more and more the bugs made the game unplayable. Funcom is focused on PC if anything at all. This is the last effort to milk ps4 users before everyone knows.

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