PS4 voice chat is NOT WORKING!


I can confirm voice chat works for me and others on 3228. Maybe the problem is only on certain servers


I don’t WHAT triggers it. I have characters on three different servers and I’ve heard someone talk exactly one time. I see the mic symbol on the screen indicating that someone is using chat, but have only heard audio from one person. And I don’t think it’s server related because I’ve seen the mic symbol without hearing anything on that server as well. I know you have to be close to the character to hear them, but I get nose-to-nose with them.
I’ve wondered if the symbol just appears to indicate that you are in the proximity of someone using chat, not necessarily speaking, but you would think that you’d still hear background noise. I’ve never heard anything, aside from that one guy.


While it would be preferable for the in-game voice chat to work properly, you may try starting a party chat through PSN with the players that are in game at the same time as you. This has worked quite well for our server. It is a workaround to be sure, but it is effective.


Here’s a link that will help those that do not know how to use voice chat for this game…
Solution to voice chat.
I hope this helps. Also make sure to test this with someone that talks, I’ve encountered users that don’t use mics or don’t know how so yea. lol


I saw your post awhile back and tried this. It didn’t work for me…


I’ve never had to do this.

This a workaround for a problem or a coincidence.

The chat is proximity based and a few weeks ago ish it has stopped working on the PS4 and PS4 pro.