[PS4] Warrioth Server - PVP Arena - Tournament & League


Brand New PS4 dedicated PVP server (US-East)… starting an amazing project, that I would like to invite more people that would like to contribute. Only requirement, maturity, some free-time, pvp experience and PS4.

Warrioth server is starting to become a PVP Tournament & League Server.
We will work distributing real-world prizes, and a lot of fun will be the guarantee.
Find it looking for the name Warrioth. Right now I am starting with 20 slots, expanding soon as we start filling up.

Right now I am working on the website, and some other ideas.
If you want to be part of the project, find me at Discord, server: https://discord.gg/dV3hU6H

Search Warrioth to find the server on server list.

Announcing some changes:

- No Body Loot
I strongly consider this as an invite to people lose the fear of PvP. Maybe it also makes PvP less rewarding, will see how it goes for a time and talk with the server players on discord.

- Equipment Drop
Same as above, armor won’t drop, but hotkey and backpack still dropping. Maybe is too much No Body Loot and No Equipment drop together, but let’s see how it goes.


About Body Loot/Equipment Drop
As I suspected, some players complained about both things together.
Now I am keeping only No Body Loot, all your equipment, hotbar and backpack drops.

About Stamina
Seems stamina is a general Conan complain, that I agree sometimes mess up with the fun, testing this week 2 new changes: Half stamina expending and double stamina recover time. Let’s see if that makes things more thrilling. I think it will.