PS5 - Terrain and skin (benches, thralls, items) rendering issues. Video examples included

Basic Info:

Platform: PlayStation 5
Issue Type: Graphics
Game Mode: Online Official
Server Type: PvE
Map: Exiled Lands
Server Name: 3734

Bug Description:

Major skin and terrain render issues

Bug Reproduction:

Logging in and playing duplicates the issue every time. All surfaces, benches, terrain, thralls, items. There seems to be a delay with everything rendering in. Some appear black before appearing. Some are blurred. I spin around and items come in and out of focus.

I cleared out my entire five year old base and rebuilt in the hopes it would help. I took out 4000 blocks and 1000 items and nothing. You can’t keep charging us for us battlepass loot if we can’t use it due to graphical issues. Playstation 5 simple cannot handle the game. We desperately need a QoL update for PS5. The system is too good to be having these types of performance issues. I have two videos of the issues here. They highlight the vast amount of problems inside the base and out. You can see the glitches on almost every item.


I knew inside the crevace is hot, as in textures move when we move. I don’t trust building a main base there.

That’s normal on ps4 pro. Before horses, there were no black textures. It was quick (or looked that way when stuck on foot).

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I agree!

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and i love that most of the “fixes” are just uninstall/reinstall this is not a small game and people who have data limits hit that limit fast.

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2 days now i am without Conan :confused:. As soon as the update arrived i was constantly lagging.
So i uninstall and install. Today the game was not starting asking me to uninstall and install again. Let’s hope tomorrow i’ll play!

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