PS5 users get 3x length for avatar

Game mode: [Online, officials
Problem: Exploit/Bug
Region: North America

Are you aware that PS5 users get an unfair advantage with Avatars? While the server lags from the interaction of the god activating, stuff being destroyed/killed, the PS5 chugs on as if nothing is happening and PS5 user gets upwards of 3 minutes with avatar, not 1 minute. Entire bases wiped out in that time because the server itself is lagging so much.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Buy a PS5.

I like the reproduction step for this.

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Niiiice…another glitch to exploit.
I can’t wait for the next update!
Everyone is expecting that old glitches get fixed.
I’m wating for the new glitches that will come as always come!
I just hope pork glitch get’s fixed so we can pvp again!
Let’s undermesh people, that’s the way to survive!

It’s same on PC.

Dude, only reason u can use it for longer is because of the lag. They need to make gods take less performance so the server can handle it.

Now server ping will go to max, and everyone else on the server will have an unplayable moment for a couple of minutes. Summoning god can also make the server crash.

Nice…another crashing server glitch? How many are there?

Again, not a glitch.

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