PSA: Avatar summoning temporarily disabled on Official servers

Hey everybody,

We’re aware of a current issue that some players are using to obtain and store avatar tokens in unintended ways. This is being abused by a few players and clans to create unfair situations in some official servers. Our team is aware of these methods and are working on a fix thanks to the collaboration of our community. However, we do not have any estimate times regarding the launch of this fix.

After discussing it internally over the past few days and examining the situation many of you have reported, we’ve decided that the best way to proceed until this issue is patched live is to disable Avatar summoning on all official servers, all platforms, in effect immediately.

We’ve also been increasing our security measures to make sure players who have been negatively impacting the game via exploits, cheats and other methods cannot keep circumventing any sanctions applied to their accounts on PC.

We apologize for any frustrations this might cause and we truly appreciate your feedback and patience.