Psssst....... TestLive is open!

I don’t know if anyone of you have noticed but… the TestLive server has been up and running despite what the launcher says!. :shushing_face: Since the Onslaught test, I think it was locked for a while but has since become accessible again. But just the PvE dimension though.

I do hope this was intentional, and now that I’ve mentioned it, devs, please please please don’t shut it down again lmao. Having an environment to freely test certain builds or various things without committing precious hard-earned gold/tokens/points or even to mess about in is so, so valuable.

If anything it would be amazing if we could have the character copy to TestLive option back, as well as the PvP dimension, then I would freakin love you guys forever.


Big if true. It would make filming my series infinitely easier. Will investigate

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Or maybe it means they are working on some new content? That would be fantastic.

Highly doubt it - if anything it means they’re not working on new content, since TestLive first went down in the lead up to Onslaught

Yup! I’m not kidding, it’s been up for a while now, thought it was a sneaky secret only I knew… please funcom don’t make me regret posting about this. :grimacing: :grimacing: :grimacing:

Are you sure it’s up because I checked a few months back and it was down. Did the second client install and everything and when I tried to connect there was nothing there. I proceeded to beg Funcom to turn it back on maybe they listened…

And yes it would be ideal to be able to transfer our characters to it again

Edit: Sure enough the PVE Testlive server is up. They really should make a 3rd test server combining both rulesets. I would like to participate in such testing if Funcom ever decides to wake up and do it.

For info on how to get on test live its easy.

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Had a mini heart attack and had to check if it’s still up haha. It sure is!

Naturally +1 on the combined rulesets or putting PvP back up.
PvP was only taken down when the Onslaught tests started and people got confused which dimension the test was on so PvE was left as the only one to keep it simple.

I can not connect to the authentication server. Is Testlive still up and I am doing something wrong? Or is it offline again?

Ayyy rip it’s down again :disappointed:
Guess it was only up to test Skull Gate Pass and has been down since that released.
Devs plz open it up again plzzz

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