[pt-br][pvp][pve-c][hard] : ogrim server :

Use of discord is required, all rules on Discord.: https://discordapp.com/invite/GXTETX

Portuguese portuguese server, but if you have difficulty understanding the rules on discord I can help.

Maximum level increased to 100, but after 60, no bonus attributes are maintained, keeping combat balanced for PVP, only talent points are generated.

The server uses a MOD that removes the recipe for making coins, so coins need to be obtained by slaughtering or marketing.
At various points on the map there are administrator buildings with NPCs that trade various types of items, buy and sell for coins. It is also possible to deposit and / or withdraw coins from the account with the bank NPC.

The server operates with a TAG system for PVP and PVE, each player must decide which group to play in, it is not possible to change TAGs on their own.
If a PVE player attacks another player’s building he will switch to the PVP tag and will not be able to return to the PVE tag.
If a PVP or PVE player attacks a PVE building he will switch to the TRAIDOR tag and can receive attack from any player regardless of the tag he has without causing punishment, the TRAIDOR tag loses access to the “home” commands and teleport NPCs.

Server Settings .:

  • Player experience base modifier changed to x3.
  • Slaughter experience modifier changed to x2.
  • Collection modifier modified to x3.
  • Production speed x2.
  • Minion conversion speed x4.
  • Pet training speed x4.
  • Fuel time x2.
  • PVP active 24 hours.
  • RAID active from 18:00 to 00:00 on weekdays, and from 12:00 to 00:00 on weekends.
  • Bodies can be plundered.
  • Population limit activated, population limit of 50 minions / pets +5 per additional clan member.

If you like, rate my server on https://conan-exiles.com/server/81072/