Public Beta Client- Age of Sorcery Chapter 3 Update Discussion Megathread

Honestly, I didn’t like the golems at all.

  1. They do not fit the atmosphere of Conan, look more like from WoW.
  2. For companions that can not be healed they are quite expensive.
  3. Basically it’s just a normal companion, the resource gathering function is useless. Golems collect very few resources.
  4. Why do we need another type of companions? It would be better to balance the animals. I would have understood if they were skeletons, but golems. The only useful function of the golem is the lotus buff.

Cool…coolcool, except you dont actually explain how any of it works. You dont explain how to craft golems or how the mechanics work, you dont explain how bloodstones work or how to harvest them. This is just sales fluff not patch notes for a beta

Hmm. I’ve been testing the golems (as much as I can) and had it follow me before I logged out for a hour or so and it’s literally standing 200 feet from where it was placed/created and it still ‘scouting’ back.

The arcane curio cabinet having 40 slots is a joke, that’s less than a large chest and it’s like 10x the size. It’s perfect where it is. I am fully against this change and I hope it doesn’t go through.


I really hope they don’t change this. The cabinet is massive and it’s inventory should be too.

Been mostly concentrating on the revised Journey.

Overall, it is big improvement over the old system. Love how the steps are visible from the start. In the current system 3/5 of the journey steps are hidden if you never bother to build a trebuchet.

Some of the quantity/quality instructions are a little vague – grind how many rocks, what is a “good” bow (as opposed to a chaotic neutral bow?), which tier crafters are competent?

The Tinkering journey should be able to be done at a lower level. The first step requires Weaponsmith which is a level 39 skill. That step should probably require Apprentice Weaponsmith at level 26.

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But it’s currently better as vaults. Should be somewhere between. Like 2x or 3x chest storage would fit nicely imo.

Quick summary:

  1. Golems:
    Pros - cool idea, need more variations etc, add more diversity to the game.
    Cons - inefficient in harvesting (you can gather x5-x10 faster by yourself), you cant replace arms later (seems odd), not sure about battle capabilities, just try sword golem against multiple enemy’s and youll see.

  2. New journey:
    Pros - rewards, more friendly and give much info to the game, can be expandable in the future, secret journeys and rewards during the game.
    Cons - linear progression within one journey chapter, you need redo a lot of steps to get them done, for ex you already place wall, door, but it wont count when queue comes to it, so game force you to make unnecessary steps again and again.

Couple of questions.
Has anyone find this mysterious shack from the teaser (with all info and instructions about crystals and golems). Seems strange to me no1 explain you anything about new content.
What can you do when you complete “dungeon” and return to the Mek -Kamoses? (no dungeon in game lads, just boss battle).

Thank you for pointing this out! I’ve passed this over to the rest of the team for further investigation.

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You know I am conflicted, and I genuinely do not know how to feel about Golems at this point in time. Here is the what I am wrestling with. Look I absolutely love Conan Exiles to death. I love its gritty, impoverished barbarian backdrop. Now while the Conan universe has always been a fantasy one, I cannot help but feel that some of the weapons, armor and items from Chapter 3’s Age of Sorcery have taken the high fantasy aspect up another level. And I am not sure that I like the idea of industrialising this this game. It just feels like having crystal powered mechanised men wandering around doing things for us is more thematically…out of step(?) with the Hyborian Age. And to be honest for me personally, when I think on it, it feels reminiscent of the Dwemer from Skyrim, having crystal powered automations doing our bidding for us. I guess I am just worried that seeing dozens of ‘machine men’ all around the map may fundamentally alter the atmosphere of the game. Although this could be just a me thing.

Am I worrying needlessly, having some faulty perceptions or catastrophising!? That is absolutely a possibility and I acknowledge that. That said, I am absolutely going to give the Golems a try and reserve judgement until after I have.


My synopsis of the new build:



Journey system is cumbersome, clumsy, and counterintuitive. Some journeys are available before you can access the starting requirement. This is annoying. UPDATE - If you craft something out of order in a journey, remove it from and re add it to your inventory to complete the CRAFT checkbox

Some journeys steps will not complete until you switch from it to another and back. Specifically, using a pick to gather bark.

Caravans are still in the game. You can turn in heads and bodies, but I have not been able to complete a purchase. That’s either by intent, introduced bug, or sloppy. If we are not to make purchases from caravans, remove the merchants. UPDATE - Restarting the server fixed the “making a purchase” issue. Because, reasons.

No night seems to be a choice that is solving a problem that does not exist.

We will all be doing a lot of respects to complete journeys. This will teach us how to respec.

Golems are golems. They hold little to zero interest for me.




I’ll still play the game but it will be for what it was prior to 3.x.


Nighttime has been superfluous. The eclipse for nighttime is a solution. Maybe a server setting could set the eclipse to few hours or longer.

Surely you don’t want to be trapped in 24 hour nights.

That is an opinion.

And that’s fine.

However, anyone who’s trod in the jungle at night with a two handed weapon and played health bar bingo may disagree.

I am too old to argue opinion presented as fact. If you wish to continue this path, I will leave you to it.


I think it’s less a problem being solved and more a consequence of story events of this chapter. My guess is that it’s probably temporary and after this chapter will be reverted.


is it normal golem bench having no recipes? trying it in testlive but the bench has no recipes and could not find wich thrall goes in it

edit: never mind found the recipes in knowledge, but still could figure out wich thrall to put on it, or theres no one at the moment?

It’s obviously too late now but I would say that the next event that affects the sun and or moon should make it so that the night is normal and the day is constant eclipse. But that’s just my preference because I love night in this game so much


golems being affected by well trained perk.

may mounts could recieve bonus from this perk

I have to agree, the new chapter is kinda meh.

I am glad Funcom is doing the ages and I am definitely seeing a lot of potential here, don´t get me wrong. But I think changing the atmosphere of the Conan game by introducing steam punk elements like the golem is throwing me off the game. I love Conan the way it is. I honestly think the golems are not fitting in the Conan game. And I do not understand why they need the golems when our beloved thralls can or could do the same things: scouting routes, alarming the player over certain activities, gathering materials, doing tasks like refilling the ovens, serving foods to other thralls etc. That is what a lot of people requested for years. But honestly, I never hav seen a post demanding a golem.

The eclipse is only for 3 month, so I can live with that but I agree wholeheartly that golems shouldn´t be a thing in Conan. It might be a cool thing for a while to gather all the parts and bloodstones, but in the end its waisted time on a mechanic that will end up beeing ignored for the most part.


The moon is not completelly gone so far, its visible by day too, i enjoyed the eclipse visual

Cool thing about golems:
You can leave them guarding the area, then give it rock, wood or other thing…
and it gonna slowly walking around harvesting stuff, even if you gone
Looks cool because golems feels like actual souless machines in that case, slowly wandering and doing monotonous work. Sometimes they just stand and stare on smth. No sprinting no chasing.
When you use golems as a follower this magic vanishes, because they behave like normal human, they using run animation to catch you or gather smth, jumping and fighting.