Public Beta Client - Test Live 81.24 GB?

uh well good luck I guess brave adventurer :saluting_face:


anyone other than me their got a 34 GB update to the beta client

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The fix to the fix.

I hope the new Age fixes this:

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Thank you for the heads up Andy, does that mean a Devstream has been scheduled? If so what kind of time frame can we expect the stream?

its gonna be nice when they give us the date for the new age

Well so far what I see is the UI interactions are now worse on test. But hey I can select stuff to do stuff. But with out patch notes; which I can never find, I have no idea what else this tepid fix might have fixed.

Ya at best i think this was just bringing testlive up to date with live for the next Age.

So I just need to uninstall the Public Beta Client. Alrighty then.

But…what will next age and when can we try it on public test ? :pleading_face:

if we follow 3 month on each chapter that will mean the new chapter will start after 2 july so the beta test update will come soon as andy says

It seems test was just undated to the live build.

Think about that for a minute. Test is just now being updated to the live version. It missed the hot fixes live got.

It’s not TEST, it the prerelesehype server and nothing more.

But now it is preped for the new Age, so content producers clear some space and get ready to record.


yah testlive is really only for pre-age. and they definately arent taking your feedback for testlive, you are very right that it exists for youtubers to push previews. not much point in ‘testing’ but nice to get an advance look at what is to come

i cannot wait to see what age we gonna get and what we are getting in the first chapter

I’d say more like June 30. Funcom takes the month of July per Norwegian law.

They promised to never release an update right before their vacations or holidays.

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its depend on when they have vacations or holidays. or else they need to extend the chapter 4 but the last couple of times each beta test thir have being live have beeing live for 3-2 weeks that will be the same area the chapter will end in july if they come with the beta test her in this week

i hope so much we gonna see a beta test on the new age tomorrow or else i think they gonna extend the chapter 4 a month more i hope not

what is soon 3 weeks or a month or a week

Excellent point. Not many people know this.