Public Beta Client - Test Live 81.24 GB?

Funcom has promised us a lot of things and not backed it up.

Imagine if they release the new Age, break the game completely, go on vacation.

Not out of the realm of possibility.

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Vacation for Funcom is the entire month of July.

I so wish I could argue with that.

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Ah the Fellesferie.
The #1 reason this one never, ever, wants to see late June patches in this game again.

History has not been kind to this game when the update hit right before July.
This one can go back and search their history for what the cluck!?! threads that have happened over the years.

Did the masters at Tencent cancel the month off for offices outside Norway?

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their is 19 days to chapter 4 age of wars shall be over if funcom is still using the 3 months chapters, it will mean the 2 july is the last day to have chapter 4 if they doing that order,

They are playing with Fire.

#1 New Age
#2 Foundation Bug Fix
#3 Summer Decay Change
#4 Funcom July Vacation

All happening at once.

Please wait until August to release the next Age.

yah i am all for pushing it back too. unfortunately the masters at the top are gonna want to push more bazaar stuff, so the game files will need to be updated for the next round of bazaar items.
i do think they should push back the cycles to 4 months instead of 3.

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i just hope we gonna get the beta test before they go on vacation so we have a long time testing things out so we not ends with many bugs

When is the last time a bug caught on the servers formerly known as testlive were corrected before the update went full release?


You see, the merge team needs to do a better job on making some notes about recent patches. I think they are confusing themselves with a fix that stays on testing and not moved into production or back to experimental during the merge.

So now, you got two kinds of sources. Patches and patches. Okay so maybe problem solved.

@AndyB great question don’t you think?

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