"public open doors" an idea for building shops , taverns etc

It would be nice to be able to build up Shops / Tavernkeepers so we can have another way to interact with non clan members.

thinking About this Option an Special door which could be opened by anyone would also be a nice idea, using this door would help us open Taverns and Shops for other Players while no Player is at home…

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I would love to be able to choose to lock doors like boxes and chests. You could leave it unlocked so everyone can enter, or lock it so only your clan can.


Sounds great, until the jerk on our server who keeps kiting boss animals to everyone’s base opens the door to intentionally kill your thralls.

I would like to have a way to let allies in my fort without the animals/thralls going nuts, but I’d rather not let players I don’t trust in my tavern. If the door was clan specific, ie established allies, I would be all in favor.

Well Maybe this door could select between someone beeing attacked or not at the moment- when he is beeing followed the door stays closed for him.

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