Public Server Community rules violation, blocking NPC and resource spawns on PvE server


On official server #1819, there is a clan of 3 or 4 players blocking access to NPC and resource spawns in the island that rests between J5 and K5. Even though there is no PvP base destruction ever, and small hours where PvP is active, this clan has blocked access to the NPC that drops Flawless T1 armors, and the closest reptile hide spawns. I had a base here for several weeks, which is open for players to cross (my base is a bridge south of Lookout Point that doesn’t block anything), and there is a massive ugly base with no climb blocking me from that specific NPC and those reptiles, along with a fair amount of no-hassle trees. I engaged the clan this evening to ask them to remove their gate, and they essentially had nasty words for me, and stated they did that specifically to grief me (that conversation is in chat log). I would appreciate some intervention. I don’t need them to pack up and leave. Public server and all, but not blocking everyone but their clan mates from getting access to those NPCs and reptiles would be my only ask here.


This is what you should do:

Hi @MDKU, you need to submit your report via a direct message:


In my personal opinion, what you describe doesn’t sound like a violation of the rules but rather an inconvenience for you and potentially others. However, if you think you have a case, by all means, go ahead and send a message to the community team.


I would be surprised (and a bit concerned) if this is considered a violation.

That island gets a base built on it on virtually every server I’ve been on. It’s quite simply a very unique spot with a very cool defensive setup vs. overland approach. (i.e. To reach the highest portion of the island you must pass under an arch, run up a long slope in the opposite direction, and pass over a narrow land bridge.) The thing is, because of where the NPC spawn is, it’s very difficult not to block them when building in that strategic location.

The reason I’d be surprised if this is regarded as a violation is that none of the blocked resources are unique to that area. Trees are all over the map, and the komodo dragons don’t drop any unique resources, nor is this their only spawn point. Even the T4 Fighter doesn’t drop anything that a player couldn’t acquire from any of the many other T4 Fighter spawns along the main river, and what they do drop is even player-craftable (unlike legendaries from a world boss). There’s even another such spawn on the next island up, not that far off from where the Rotbranch spawns.

Personally, I’d be surprised if even a private server’s admin would take action if inconvenience was the extent of the complaint (as it seems to be here).


I did that. However, the forums here state to post it as a discussion tagging @ community or @ ignasis

Well by that interpretation of the rules, they’ll need to ban practically everyone who plays the game, because it’s nigh impossible to build a base in this game without blocking at least a single tree, rock, shrub, or something. I wonder which rule interpretation aligns more closely with their intent…


Named NPCs are pretty easy to avoid blocking. To your specific comment, I also disagree. There are plenty of ways and places to build that don’t block resources.Also, nobody is asking for a ban. My original comment has been edited, but i never asked for a ban. All i want is to be able to access the Named NPC.

If you think you have a case, MDKU, go ahead and sent in a report.

Personally, as an admin of a dedicated server, I would tell you to deal with it. it’s not something our admins would get involved with. We don’t deal with drama.

The perspective you offer is that the spot you want is taken. Bummer. there are plenty of all the things you want, all around there.

I really do wish you luck with it; the issue is such that it would never appear on my radar.




I don’t know the details of your specific case, but in general it can happen for many reasons. I have previously found myself in a situation where my public map room wasn’t blocking anything before an update, and then they added volcano merchants and it turned out the map room was suppressing the spawn for one of them.

I’m not saying your case is similar, just pointing out that there might not be malicious intent involved.

I would say that on more than 90% of the map, it’s categorically impossible to build anything larger than 4 foundation that won’t block at least one bush or branch or loose rock.

Again, like everyone else already state it, feel free to report it using correct procedures. Unlike most others, I won’t wish you good luck, because I disagree with your interpretation of the rules.

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The same named NPCs spawn elsewhere too, so you’re not out of luck if this one spot is blocked.

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the problem is that there is no named npc with a 100% spwan rate on this island and that spawns nowhere else , furthermore if you go on the conan exiles wiki interactive map , and tick all the boxes in the “thrall” section that says T4 fighters , T4 archers , and all the T4’s workers , not a single one has a chance to appear on said island :

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Seriously, if I built there and you showed up at my gate with demands I would kill you on site.

My gripe is the blocking of named NPCs, not bushes and rocks.

PvE Server, so you couldn’t actually. That’s part of the gripe, is I can’t just bomb it away.

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