"Public Structure" status for buildings


I’m usually playing on PVE only, and I have a couple of bases around the map. Sometimes is not easy to access them, which is why I usually build a structure to make it easy to reach them (I.e. passage with elevator for the Frozen North), but these passages are sometimes far enough from my base to be considered a stand-alone structure, with its own decay counter.
Noteworthy, all my passages are not private, so any player can actually go throughout it.
I also was considering the idea to build passages to many areas with difficult access.
Of course, these also would be open for everyone to be used, but it would mean I would need to reach each one of these passages regularly to refresh the decay counter.
It would be nice to have the ability to make a structure “Public”, so to let everyone have access to the passage (and any other amenities we would like to place on it), without the need to refresh the decay counter.
An alternative of completely remove the decay would be having any player’s presence refresh that decay for Public structures (this way any structure would decay normally, getting rid of useless/unused structures).
There may be particular requirements to make a building Public, as for example submit the request to server admins (if any) and they can check if the building is actually of good use for all players, or even some material or placeable item to identify the area as “Public”.

I understand this is like asking to let players add permanent buildings in the server, but as long as it’s player’s built, should be legit (not asking devs to create those passages, just to let us keep the ones we built).

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Not a bad thought, but certainly open to abuse. We had a player build walkways throughout the jungle. He didn’t want to ever have to swim or climb, but he also didn’t want to go out of his way to find the trail up the mountain.

Players could build garbage like this and declare it “Public Works”, and then we would have no way to get rid of it when the builder eventually burns out due to overbuilding. We’d be stuck with a bunch of structures that tax the server.

There would need to be some hard and fast rules on this, ie a bridge is OK, but skyways that cover an entire area are a hard no, because subjective rules left to interpretation will never work.

It is best that players who enjoy a particular item such as an elevator into the sinkhole, build it and maintain it if another player with one decides to quit.

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It might need to include a usefulness vote, players who encounter the structure get to place a vote to useful/not useful (one vote per player) if the useful votes out weigh the not useful by the end of the decay time then it is automatically extended. If there are no votes then it clearly isn’t seeing public use and loses the public structure status.

Hell no,if your buildings get decayed you are not really using them and the world is better without them.


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