Pulling servers down without any notification about it?

So the server 3088 at the PS4 is down for atleast 30 mins.

Rumors going that admins are inspecting it!

Why the hell dont we get any notification. Soon i will need to work and as a solo player i normally clean my base from bombs and thralls to avoid getting wiped…

But guess what, servers did go down, no info or anything…

Feels like this decision is gonna make me lose progress from the last couple of weeks on that pvp server!!

Why should i even keep buying DLCs when it looks like its just money hoarding and ■■■■■■■■ me over and over with those decisions everytime!

Its not the first time this… Happens.

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“Rumors going that admins are inspecting it!”

I understand you are frustrated that the server is down. One thing to consider is that while this is happening to you, it is not directed against you. Yes, it is annoying, no, it is not personal.

Concerning the “rumors,” I hope you can see, now that you’ve stepped away from the situation, that asking anyone to respond to rumors is neither productive nor fair.

inspecting of what lol?buildings?u can do it with invisible mode…

Ofcourse its not personal.

But let be honest, they can fix undermeshing by just disabling the items needed to do it.

But no, instead of that we bring servers down, not fixing anything.

I mean yes we did get hotfixes, but still all glitches are there.

I play this game for 2 years now, only like 8 months active.
There are tons of glitches out there, wich got reported before i even started playing it.

Every patch they say “we fix this and that” but at the end it didnt even matter and we get more bugs and glitches because of those fixes man.

The issue here is you are operating under the assumption that admins brought the server down without any evidence this happened and then getting angry at the admins for things you insist have happened.

I believe I will step away from this unproductive conversation.

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