Pulling the rug out from under my work?



I had a large run on the floor of my building (inside) and placed an Artisan bench and an Armor bench alone with two large chest atop the rug. I noticed the rug was off center and showing through the wall. I picked up the rug to se it right and everything on the rug was destroyed. Chest and benches were destroyed and all the items ended up in a gunny bag.

Please say this is Not supposed to happen.


I don’t believe they quite have coded the game to recognize everything that will get destroyed when you take down a object support. Fallout 4 has a quite similar building system and when you do what you just did they’ll replace the items back in your inventory.

So I don’t believe it’s a bug, neither a design flaw, it’s just that they haven’t worked on this part yet. But that’s all speculation of my part, I have no inside information whatsoever.


I appreciate the response.


This is a bug. Not sure what change caused it and I am sure that it has been reported. There was a similar issue with ceiling panels doing that when they were upgraded. If you feel this is a bug, they will need to know the platform.


PC on Solo/co-op

Should I report it in the bug section?


Yes report it in bug section, the devs REALLY want to get these fixed as time permits. It also helps if you list the steps to replicate the disaster for them. Then they can test to see if it is actually a game but or something in your setup.


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