Punisher neutral and renegade ranks at playerlist

i saw this at another game and really liked it, tldr; if you are neutral player your name is shown grey, if you kill an enemy or make a raid somehow, you become a renegade and your name turns red, if you kill a red name player which is a renegade, you are the “Punisher” and your name is shown as blue…

this can make you to give a decision, whether to attack or say hello and continue running, when you see a player anywhere at the World, these colors can be applied to existing names on top of the players…

this is the other games explanation;
to avoid a spiral of hate, the situations when a player with good intentions attacks strangers just because he is afraid of being attacked himself. Now he does not necessarily have to do it because he knows that e.g. the person approaching him did not kill anyone in the past 24 hours. Player can also see renegades approaching and prepare own defences (while with Renegade reputation).

  • Attacking a player with a Neutral or Punisher reputation: Renegade for 5 min
  • Destroying someone else’s property (door, bed, builder’s desk): Renegade for 10 min
  • Destroying something with the trebuchet: Renegade for 1h
  • Killing a player with a Neutral or Punisher reputation : Renegade for 24h
  • When the time of the ‘Renegate reputation’ is over you can return to Neutral using the character window

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