Punishing the majority for the deeds of a minority, is actually a passive victory for the minority

Removing duped items from absolutely everyone regardless if legit or not sets a very dark precedence, because this isn’t the last time a dupe is going to happen.

Is Funcom going to remove items from our inventories every time some minority dupes items?

I read on the forums somewhere that a Russian PvP tribe managed to throw orbs at enemy bases from the inside, for hours.

I guess the Russians won really REALLY good, cuz not only did the Russians cause damage to their PvP server…but they robbed us ALL of our orbs, wether PvP or PvE , using Funcoms sense of justice.

Evil Russian hackers, kalinka-malinka, vodka, Gorbachev, rofl.

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But yeah, your right as well, Sugar. Especially Russians suffer under this, cuz it’s not making this stereotype any better…

I’m not struggling from this :smiley:
There’s anyone can, and multiple people definitely did exploit those dup and they aren’t all Russian or Chinese or whatever ‘bad nation’ could make on your mind. Using bugs is bad, but it’s a game and there’s nothing evil in this :slight_smile:
Removing all orbs isn’t big deal if you ask me and it was done only because there was a possibility of dup, not because someone was catched on this

I agree. Removing orbs isn’t that big of a deal, as long as it stays that way…

What i’m worried about is whether they are gonna remove other stuff, every time someone dupes something.

Foundation spam exploit - solution is to remove all foundations from the game :confused:

I want my 50000 tar back if my orbs are gone.

I thought about it and it occurred to me that perhaps Funcom didn’t have much of a choice…

Remember how item changes only apply to new items? But old items then get this odd serial Nr. attached to them?

I think they had to remove ALL older orbs, because the anti-duping changes wouldn’t apply to them, and poeple could keep duping the “grandfathered” orbs.

They need to have admin on there server with database and be able to watch what is duping in ppl inventory, but they won’t do that, and we will be losers everytime they find new way of glitch and dupe

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