Puppets,dolls,golems,mad science added to conan exiles

Let talk about adding science to Conan exiles. A mad science to those wishing to avoid sorcery and religion in Conan Exiles. The mad science lab is used to create gears and etc to counter brawl with brains.

Puppets there are 3 types. Puppets move on there own. They require oil as fuel to move. They can move because of tiny gears. Puppets fail to work without oil. No oil no puppets working.

Trap Puppets are cheapest puppet to make. Make as many as you want. Trap Puppets break after they are set off. Normally they spit loads of darts,throw orbs or just self destruct. Players may want to look on the ground or walls for the trap puppet’s trigger line. Trap Puppets are easy to avoid if you are careful and don’t rush a base.

Player control puppets. These Puppets are weapons that a player can use. Hardest weapon to use. Like trap puppets but in a control weapon. These puppets can wield daggers. Easy way to beat them is to attack the player using a player control puppet. A skill player control puppet can be very dangerous. Darts and orbs can drain a player health fast. Not to mention the daggers. A shield a good way to defend from them.

A.I. Puppets are like thralls. Weak in small Numbers. Max of 5 per tribe. Set them to guard an area. These puppets are most costing. You can equip armor and weapons on them. Only weapon not allowed is player control puppets. They have same abilities as the other two puppets.

Dolls have a new slot for them and they can be place down. They Don’t require fuel to work. Dolls can buff allies,weaken enemies or spy on enemies. Only 1 doll can be equip at at time.

Buff dolls they to be equip. Like potions they have a plus 3 to a stat.

Debuff dolls have a max radius. These dolls are for base defense. Each doll has Minus 1 stat (Max 3).

Spy dolls are place near an enemy base. They are tools used for spying. Place down they listen in tribe chat or overhear voice chat. The doll is easy to spot and easy to destroy.

Regular dolls. They do nothing. Just used as decorations.

Golems are made by players. Use to distract and flee from combat. NPCs always attack . Golems can attack but usually they have low stats ,but health. Golem requires alot of resources. It takes forever to make a golem. Golems don’t requires food. They also don’t auto heal. You have to repair golems.

Wooden golems are made from wood. They are basic Golem a player makes. Normally have x5 hp of the players max hp. Useful for getting away from animals and NPC. Wooden Golems moves very super slow. Slowest golem.

Stone Clones same as Wooden golems, but made from stone.

Iron Clone has low basic armor useful for tough enemies. Has x3 player max health. Moves very slowly.

Steel Golem has mid basic armor useful for really tough enemies. Has x6 player max hp. Moves slow.

Hardened Steel Golem has high basic armor useful for bosses. Has x9 player max hp. Move slower than a player.

Golems can be use for base defense. Max golems a tribe can have:

Wooden: Max 10

Stone: Max 10

Iron: Max 3

Steel: Max 2

Harden Steel: Max 1

Note on golems: Stone and wood can be destroyed easy. Metal ones has x5 weakness to fire orbs.

Clones offers a surpise attack and distraction. Clones are usful as they use an emote upon there death. Clones normally gone after thier health is destroyed.Clone’s hp = x10 max hp of player’s health. The clones are made first.

Ice Clone when destroyed the attack takes 1/10th the max ice clone health. Ice clones can’t be in none cold biomes.

Black Ice clone when destroyed the attack takes 1/4th the max dark ice clone health.

The Human Clone puppet. This is the ultimate escape from enemies. The mad science lab is disabled when crafting this monstrosity of science. This clone is 100% Look a like of the player whom created it. Even a fake copy of the bracelet the player wears is on this clone. This clone can be equip with anything. This clone once destroyed isn’t gone for good. Max 1 of these per each player can be made. The recipe calls for lots of bones, lots of demon blood,lots of human flesh,1 human skull,2x severed arm and x2 severed leg. The demon blood helps makes a living weapon. The clone has 100% of player’s stats,but health. This clone’s health is x5 of the player’s max health.This clone can be set in a pose. This clone requires food and water. If this clone dies. It’s not the end. Just pick up dead clone place in mad science lab and look for replacement parts.

Stone golums sound good.

Stone and wood are weak to metal weapons.

This idea is for people wanting to avoid religion and sorcery (once it finally comes out).

I was hoping to see a big feedback on this topic.

It took hours to make this topic.

I think your suggestions would fit into the world of Conan. It could be part of the dark magic/sorcery of this world and especially fits to the cultures of the old, now degenerated, forgotten or perished races like the giant kings or the serpentmen of valusia. Your ideas reminding me of the books of Karl Edward Wagner about his dark hero Kane, especially of the book bloodstone. His stories are similar the the stories of Conan. In Bloodstone Kane explores an old Artifact of an elder race, which at least reactivates an evil artificial intelligence which tries to enslave Kane planing to dominate the world.

How about an ice golem, that would be good.

I was thinking my work was more tech base than magic. Oil for puppets.

The golems are more tech than anything. There gears even in stone is an amazing science.Gears and etc.

I was thinking Doctor Frankenstein on Human Clone Puppet.

I think any of these as decorative-only pieces sound great but wouldn’t want any of them implemented into the game as you have described them. No offense, I just don’t want Conan to take the leap into ‘mad science.’ I love the savagery, and would prefer the sorcery to remain limited in scope. This is a bit ‘extra’ for me.

What wrong with science.

DnD has science and magic.

Let’s make Conan Exiles great again.

I was hoping science lovers would respond to this topic.

It adds a bit of stealth with plain decorative doll or dolls with hidden debuff dolls.

Debuff dolls may seem op. They are not op.

Example debuff doll mins strengththe doll minus 1 strength from enemies in max radius.

Metal tools on wooden golem and stone golem are super deadly.

Golems are mostly there to fight NPCs and Wild life.

I see thralls better than Golems.

Top base defending units.

1.) Other Players
2.) Thralls (Best equiped)
3.) Pets
4.) Human Clone Puppet (Reason 4th is cost/defense value)
5.) Harden Steel Golem
6.) Steel Golems
7.) Iron Golem
8.) Stone Golems and wooden golems
9.) A.I. Puppets

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