Purchasable Prefab DLC made by devs/modders

Wouldn’t it be nice to buy purchasable prefabs DLC’s made by the devs/modders. Already made structures (that you can’t build with current foundations etc) like the asagard camp but in smaller scale. With a small pond (where you can drink from) and fences and so on. Somewhere that you can feel home. Ofcourse every structure should be destroyable and can be rebuild with a special crafting station where you can build all the structures you bought from a DLC.

I don’t see this ever coming but just an idea :slight_smile:

The only problem with this is that the prefabs will not fit with the ground (being equal etc) and they’ll have to put some kind of system that when you place these prefabs that the ground changes form. When you remove the prefabs they’ll also have to make sure the ground takes back it’s original shape.
But in general we should be able to use our foundation to place these prefabs on, ofcourse the bigger prefabs will be a problem and give lag to server… maybe.

Maybe too much work but it’ll be nice to see these kind of prefabs… I’d defenitely buy it :slight_smile:


Sounds nice. Sizable workload, but nice. :yum:

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Maybe I’m not understanding your idea properly, but why would you ever want prefabs when you have the ultimate in freestyle building available? Seems like three steps down the technology ladder to me.

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A method of one doesn’t necessarily appeal to many. OP suggested a sort of an artistic exception to the pattern.

The way the OP worded their post implies that they found something in the game that they would like to have for themselves, but can’t because it is impossible in its current mass of different shapes, size of scale, shade of colouring or strategic placement. Maybe it was some sort of a house or a tent, owned by hostiles or other npcs, but the OP can’t make it theirs.

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Why would you not? I understand that we can create “anything” we want with the building materials. But prefabs are a step further in contrary, they let you build structures that we can not with the current building materials we have. Or it will give people an option to put down amazing prefabs to use as their base for people who just don’t have that imagination to create something (like me sometimes :slight_smile: )

Look at the asagard camp for example, “perfectly” rounded, wooden walls with spikes and small rounded houses with trees and so on. It just looks cozy…

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That’s because it’s a one-off created for that specific area using tools many times more advanced than we have available in the game. If I understand, your proposal is to somehow turn these one-offs into reusable prefabs that can be placed anywhere? Well, ok then.

what i’d like is the ability to make a prefab structure in a “creative” server (infinite blocks) and be able to save and upload it to a server when we have the supplies… as for how this could work I have no idea lol

If i am not mistaken, in the stream on 5-9, i think there was some coy hinting at new building pieces. But i may just be remembering a dream…

I see this as a microtransaction, but also a minor way to support Funcom.

You pay $0.99 or $1.99, you get a one-shot consumable that is permanently there. (ie, if you start a new save in single player, the new character gets the consumable in their inventory to start with)

Using the consumable goes to piece place mode. The only thing is this is one large building. Figure 4x4 to 6x6 in total size. Automatically comes with doors, some furniture, maybe a kitchen item, some decorative features. In a specific style of design.

That being Sandstone, or Insulated Wood, etc.

They could do one building per crafting type. Maybe stick the requirement in that you need an appropriate feat to use it. (IE, you need the DLC pack to get an Aquilonian design, or be able to use Black Ice yourself to get the Black Ice building)

It probably couldn’t be done. But this is a way to support Funcom outside of normal DLC. And they can give us a beautiful design item that is quick and easy to setup.

I would probably buy something like this. Use it as a starter place while harvesting my own materials to build on.

To place a prefab, you can just place your own foundation stones to claim the area. This would create a level building surface just like for anything else.

It should not be obtainable by crafting because it would be unbalanced in the long run, whereas a single version of the prefab would not be nearly as so.

Unless you allow one copy of the prefab to be freely obtained, but any subsequent versions must be crafted with rare and difficult to obtain materials, to avoid abuse.

Now if they want to give us some of the smaller versions of mounds and NAsagarth towers (like storm watch), that would be awesome.

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