Purchased aurum, how much to wait until the operation is finished? 24 hours have passed

Purchased aurum a day before, the funds have been withdrawn yet in my payment history the operation is still pending. In the confirmation window the message said to wait for 24 hours then contact customer support, what to do further?

If you haven’t received your aurum after 24 hours I’d suggest contacting billing support at https://www.funcom.com/help. Unfortunately support is quite backlogged right now and the PayPal problems from a few days ago probably didn’t improve response times, either.

Thank you.

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No need to contact support unless it’s pending after 24hrs (I guess approved too). Keep checking your payment history on your account at Funcom.com to see if it failed, pending, or approved.

If it failed. Try and try again until it says Approved.

I used to have to do this every single week when I bought aurum. Even though I bought it every single week I had that same problem each time.