Purge: A Gang of Degenerate Lemurians

Game mode: [Online PVE Official]
Problem: [Misc]

After 21 purges coming, and going. Snakes, Monkeys, even angry Reptiles. Still no human purges. Built bases in in O6 and N6. According to the WIKI I am eligible for Lemurians in both locations. After logging 21 purges on the official server without spawning humans, I went offline to see if it was possible. I began spawning purges in each jungle map square adjacent to the area to see if Lemurians were spawning anywhere. After failing 20 times I would move to an adjacent square. So far I have tested M4,M5,N5,N6,O5,O6. This could be very poor luck but after a total of 140 spawns I am concerned this could be an issue. Where are the people?!

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Build in the jungle.
  2. Fail to profit.
  3. Feel stupid for not building in the North.
  4. Gimmie, thralls!
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Hey @Zeb

Welcome to our community and thanks for the heads-up.
We’ll send a note to the Lemurian community to not slack their obligations when duty calls.


Thank you, I’d appreciate it. I’ve moved from PVP to PVE and I’d really like to be able to collect these purge thralls.

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I am also having this issue. Other clans on my server have stripped their jungle bases out of frustration. I personally tested the areas around the witch queens lair with similar numbers to the original post. Are the lemurians not currently in the game at all?

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