Purge: A throng of yetis - Could use a lot more waves

I just did this purge; it is a very underwhelming purge for the area. I would prefer to see at least 4 - 6 waves with a more significant final boss for this purge.

It used to not spawn at all so maybe its still a bit bugged.

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That might be a possibility, but I don’t think it is likely. The Wiki (Purge Type: A throng of yetis - Official Conan Exiles Wiki ) lists it as having only 2 waves. I’m not sure how @Testerle got that information though when the page was created. Was it from the Devkit or from just testing?

Or better parhfinding :joy::joy::joy: (my dude’s laughing his ass off)



No, all purges have a limited number of waves; see the The Purge - Official Conan Exiles Wiki and check, each wave has a specific set of NPCs that can be in it as well. The Yeti purge is a maximum of 2 waves, with the second wave having the final boss. The waves are so small that they die in about 30 seconds; it doesn’t take long to kill them at all.

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the data is from the devkit, but already over 1 year old

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Thanks, Testerle

I downloaded the devkit, but real work takes priority, so I haven’t started to rummage around in it yet.

there are really only 2 waves in this purge. just verified in devkit

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