Purge and Thrall adjustments

I noticed that the game has difficulty distinguishing actual bases as often times purges would target a staircase, bridges and single foundations I have scattered around the map.

With this in mind, it seems like large bases are susceptible to having mobs spawning inside because the spawn distance to a particular foundation is still within the boundaries of these bases. This issue extends vertically as well. In my case, I have had forgotten tribe and silent legion mobs spawn inside foundations as well as on my 2nd floor in what would be geographically accessible bases.

In addition, I think it would be a good idea to implement additional settings such as a multiplier for purge meter gains as the numbers seem to be adjusted for larger servers in mind. This would help those playing on smaller private servers and single-players trigger purges more frequently.

Wanted to add a few more bugs.

Thralls seem to clip through ceilings regularly. Seems to be an issue with the capsule and the thrall mesh becoming disassociated.

Thralls are unable to target mammoths most of the time. At best, they attack or swing once.

Random ceilings tiles seem to disappear.

i have also had purges spawn INSIDE my base. very annoying and damaging.

the problem i am having with the purge is most of the time it is not marking on my or clan members map or it does then disappears so we don’t know which one of our bases are being attacked

Stealth purge by ninjas?

not only mammoths, everything that has 4 legs and is big enough.
i saw myself fighting alone a dozens of times although i had a named fighter at my side. The guy did almost nothing but taking hits and getting knocked down. as you said, you’ll see 1 or 2 hits at the start of the fight, then it’s end of the story.
So thralls followers are useless unless you need to free some space in your inventory.