Purge appears inside the mesh

Game mode: Online official
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvP
Region: EU

Now we have a t3 temple and i can speak :wink: We are in the mountains of “N4” during 2 sequential days we receive the visit from snakes purge. (a lot of snakes and some wave with 2 bosses at same time).
Our home are in the top of the one or two mountains and all sides of the mountain is protected with foundations/fences anticlimb, a lot of fence layers.

The first purge was ok, they come to call or walls/gates from far away, great purge power but all good.

The second purge appears in the middle of our foundations/fences and its really complicated acces to kill them, are they trained for clean undermesh bases??? :stuck_out_tongue: When they did break the some foundations and fences, we can clean the f…ing snakes but so hard…
Is it normal?

since a 5 fives ago i put a lot of foundations inside the mountain (from outside) for prevent this situation, and there arent any purge more (i dont see recently purge event log)

Mentioned snake purge: https://conanexiles.gamepedia.com/Purge_Type:_A_nest_of_snakes

it isn’t good documentation, the snake purge only have snakes, not human. first purge two world bosses, second purge only 1 world boss. (three skulls)


i did it like that, so next purge came by outside walls :wink:

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It documents notable thralls. Although this is datamined information, these spawns may be bugged. The same has happened to another contributor several times.

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