Purge Beasts: Blackened Shadebloom 🌿

I’m not a big fan of Animal Thralls myself.
But after reading many of you oppositions to the question as to wether or not Human Thralls should be added to Animal Purges.

Found here:

Talking with @Sera67

& Something @Larathiel said got me thinking. :yum:

Blackened Shadebloom:

When a Corrupted variant of an animal shows up in a Purge the Blackened Shadebloom can be carved off the beasts corpse. It can only be obtained from the Purge by carving it off the affected animals. Not available from the Jhebbal Sag Dungeon.

You can use a normal baby animal with the Blackened Shadespiced foods to create a Purge variation.

Adding the variants of these animals in game, and the obtainable ingredient to create them to Purges will add an opportunity to gain something unique from Animal Purges. Something that isn’t otherwise readily available on a normal run around the map.

Would adding this variation of animals help bring value to Animal Purges?

  • Yes
  • No
  • I don’t care.

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That’s pretty ingenious, AND it gets around the (apparently unacceptable) “pregnant snake” issue. :sweat_smile:


I certainly agree with you there. However, this is a very creative idea, definitely gets my support.

Also, I do feel like I’m starting to enable your poll addiction now.:joy:


Im all for some more Plants and shrubberies period. In addition to my often requested Fruit Trees. Blackened Shadebloom sounds interesting.


I support this.

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