Purge boss issues

All of age of war 2 i have had very few issues. Most minor, freezes, disconnects etc… i took a few days off then logged in to do some purges. The new issues im having is the purge boss gets stuck in a foundation, sometimes right at the door or i dc when he spawns. The only change is someone built a very huge base next to me. My purge base is in an area where ive had a teleporter for over a year, was the first one i made. In that time amd even before i never saw anyone build there, not even close.

Also, at my main base, again a area i never see any bases aside from a new player hut. But now i have an enormous sandstone base right above me on a cliff. This clan also has a big base on the river. Now i am again freezing amd dcing at my base. Map is big enough not to built right on top of each other.

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