Purge broke on official server exile

My purge meter has been broke (maxed out) for 2 weeks now! Anyone else having this issue? Exile lands

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Welcome to the community!
Purges on official servers works with timers. There’s a window of 6 hours if i am not mistaken. They work from 18:00 till 00:00
Depending the region and the timezone they are connected!
So if you play in a server that has different region from you it’s difficult to see a purge.
If you play in a server of your region but you don’t play these hours you will never see a purge.
What’s your case fellow exile?

Purge might be disabled?

I placed the other day Convergence Trap in exiled on official pvp. It tells me to enable purge in server settings, if I wanted to summon purge…
I didn’t check settings. So I’m not sure :man_shrugging:

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