Purge bug i think?

I built a oasis in the flat part of the desert near the trainer for Mitra, I did not use any foundation, walls or anything to build a structure just crafting stations and things like carpets planters braziers. everything is just sitting on the ground. when my purge meter fills it stays full and no one ever attacks, i never even get a warning. is this because i haven’t built a compound yet? single player (solo)

No. Most of us are pretty sure The Purge is bugged ATM.

The purge is off by default, even in single player and on servers, unless you turned it on in the admin panel. At least it was this way for me.

Actually, it is turned on by default. However, if the 1st two settings are at 0 it will never happen.

I built some stuff but still nothing. also checked the settings and everything looks good, its turned on and the first two setting are 3,8

I turned on the purge on our PC private server and had the purgemeter full, all settings are clear to spawn the purge but no purge is coming. I wonder where the purge will show up if you have more than one base - I got one in the south (little village) and one in the north (cave).