Purge bugged, help please

I had one purge yesterday, before the monster arrive they died, today again, what’s going on? is this a bug or what?

You scared them to death.

Or it’s a bug. Which it is.
The purge system is all kinds of broken right now.

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Just like the weather system? I read somewhere that the weather was updated in patch 32…since then no rain, snow or ??? BTW is the temp system working? I seem to be able to run around a lot with now extreme changes in temp?

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The temperature system is working. You will start taking damage from the cold at Extremely Cold and Frostbite.
But it’s easily overcome with Fierce Vitality and armor.

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The temperature system is fine, the purge not so much…

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Certain food helps also doesn’t it?

Yeah, spicy foods and drinks can warm you. Others can cool you.
I wouldn’t rely on them as they do not last long.

Better to carry an appropriate set of clothes if you can’t handle the cold or heat.
For instance, I carry a full set of light Vanir Settler gear with advanced flexibility kits so I can stay warm and climb icy mountains. It works.

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Settler gear? Really, although I remember in early access I just loved the Vanir set for warmth and looks, but now we have three levels of Vanir AND the settlers outfit. I will have to try those flexibility kits some. Are the better to work on heavy, medium or light armor?

Vanir Settler is the light Vanir gear. Not two different sets.

Flexibility kits work on all types, but I only use them on light.
If you deck out a set of heavy armor in flexibility kits, climbing is still going to take a ton of stamina.
Use them on light and you can climb any height with ease.

Advanced Flexibility kit on a light chest, light legs, climbing gloves and climbing boots will make you use 0 stamina when climbing. Free climbing.

I think we’re way off topic though. :slight_smile:

Yep, this was about the purge, sorry about that…see you on a different thread.

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