Purge ByPass all, Spawned Inside the Towers

Game mode: Online Official
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvE
Region: US East

First 3 waves everything was fine, they did exactly as they should, 4th wave I couldn’t find so I headed thru my towers to the other side when I hear them. They spawned inside the main tower at the attack point, bypassing 3 closed gates, a drawbridge and 4 closed doors…Sure they didn’t teleport like the patch notes said, they Spawn inside, when they had a clear path.

After they destroyed some of that area and I eliminated them, the last wave never came, purge simply just ended when the message of the purge is regrouping appear. Again, the first 3 waves spawn normally and walked towards the main entrance, only the 4th and 5th wave bugged out.

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:
1.Start Purge
2.Get pass the first few waves
3.Find missing wave inside
4.Purge ended before the last wave spawn
5.Scratch head and rebuild…

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What kind of purge was it? Also can you share the location of the build and screen shots of the build as well. All this will aid the Devs in looking into what happened.

I have recently tested
Razor Gords Kitchen staff
Cimmerian Beast tamers
Cimmerian berserkers
Vanire Hunters
Jhebbal sag followers

And a couple others I can’t remember at the moment.

The builds were all basically the same around the map. Of the purges tested the spiders were the only ones to teleport or spawn inside the building.

The additional info from your end would be helpful.

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Agreed. @lorail any extra information you can provide would be useful. I’m interested to know the build location and which creatures were in the purge. If you can provide that, I would appreciate it.

I would but sadly I can’t see my Official server anymore, and I can’t direct connect either…

Well that’s unfortunate. Hopefully that is resolved for you soon. I’ll continue my purge testing in random places, but if later you can give the location, that will be even better.

Here is the info:
Purge Type: Vanir Hunters

This is the location,

Wave 1.

Wave 2 and 3.

Wave 4 spawned inside there.

Inside this room.

And 3 of the archers spawned here, right outside the room.


Hope this helps.

If a Purge is not able to find anywhere to spawn, it will spawn inside the ‘building’ it wants to go to. This occurs if something’s build on an island, the water, a mesa, top of a tree, or something that isnt on the regular ground.


From the pictures it looks like your built on water for that location where the purge was going to show up at so because of that they spawned inside the building.

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The problem here is that this has never happened before, ever, 15+ purges here, it’s the first time they do this, and only after the last patch that supposedly fixed purge teleporting. You can see there is plenty of areas they can spawn and they have done so in the past, so why now this is a problem?

Wave 1-3 spawned the way they should, 4th one spawn inside at the attack point, 5th one never came and the purge ended abruptly without notification.

@Iorail this is really good information thanks for sharing. From the looks of it I would agree that it does not appear that the purge should spawn inside your base according to the mechanics proposed by Funcom. I will say that I know this area has had issues with the purge spawning in the base with similar builds.

I personally have never tested the purge at this location because I don’t want to place the million pieces underwater that are required to get to the surface.

I’m sure the devs will appreciate the additional information.

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I hear you, but underneath all that T3 is sandstone pillars, attached to sandstone foundations at the bottom, and a sandstone ceiling before the T3 foundation at the top, easiest and fastest way to get to the surface here. 100 stability everywhere.

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